Now that the Football Season is Over What’s the Best Strategy for Bookies?

Just a few short days ago the NFL season ended with the Kansas City Chiefs winning their first Super Bowl in more than 50-years. It was a great season indeed and the bookies scored big on the NFL. The NCAA season was just as profitable with an up and down season for the gambler. We hope you made a pile of cash because we know your bookie business depended on it. Now that the season is over, where do you turn and how can you capitalize on what many call the “slow season? First of all, STOP right here. There is no slow season in gambling. This simply doesn’t exist anymore. Sports gamblers are gamblers and they want to gamble on underwater basket weaving if it’s available! What you must do is offer them what they want and give them incentives to bet. Never think for a second that because the NFL has ended for the year that gamblers have stopped gambling. Here are a few great ideas to boost your new season.

March Madness! We could end this right now and not say another word. Really, March Madness is your cash cow and you must capitalize on it. You must be promoting March as if it were Christmas. You must think of now, as your “black Friday”. It is indeed the best time of the year to attract your clients and bring in new ones.

March Madness bonuses. You must offer them. Players are sick of losing and they want to turn their season around. They lost big on the football season and they want to redeem themselves. They are cocky, and arrogant people and they will always believe their pot of gold is just around the corner. Offer them a bonus with a rollover that sounds fair.

What’s a fair rollover on a bonus? Ditch what the “big boys” do. Most all of the largest online casinos follow one model and that’s a 100% bonus with a 10-time rollover. The way that 10-time rollover is calculated is like this— The client deposits $100, they elect to take your 100% deposit bonus. This means you will give them $100 to bet on sports with. The rollover is not based on $100; the $100 deposit is added to the $100 bonus and it becomes $200. That $200 is X 10. $200 X 10 = $2,000. This means the player must play at least $2,000 from their cash balance on qualifying sporting events before they are eligible to take a payout. When they win from their bonus money of $100, whatever they win, that money is added to their cash balance and the bonus portion goes away.

The way we describe the bonus above is how most online sportsbooks do business. The players expect this, and they have come to know this. What you must do is offer them something better.

The first thing that you must do is get online. The only and best way to get online is by hiring a PayPerHead. The PayPerHead custom-builds your online sportsbook in around a day. You can literally call the PPH provider today and have your players playing on your online sportsbook tomorrow. It’s quick, simple, and affordable. Your players will love you for going online. Now they can bet at all hours of the day and night and your workload has been cut by 80%

The PPH does everything for you. They set the daily action, they set the lines and odds, they organize the sporting events onto a professional website that’s for you and your customer’s exclusive use. They also offer an 800 number that is accessible 24/7 with an outstanding customer service department. You have to do close to nothing and you get all of this for around $7 per head.

There are two important things to remember as a bookie, get online, and offer your players something they can’t get elsewhere such as a 9-time rollover and even knock the rollover down to $100 X 9, instead of $200  X 9. Call the PPH today and ask for a free trial.

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