Nitrogen Sports Taps Power of Virtual Sports

As the world’s leading Bitcoin sportsbook, Nitrogen Sports has once again proven its adaptability with the times with its proud launch of Nitro Sims.

It’s no secret that the sports betting industry has taken a wrench from the global COVID-19 pandemic, but through the company’s creativity and versatility, Nitrogen Sports is managing to sustain a strong connection with its players, while also acquiring new ones. Key to Nitrogen Sports’ remarkable success during these times is Nitro Sims, which uses the power of virtual sports to ensure that players continue to have ample selections to bet on in light of the suspensions and postponements of many of the most popular sports leagues and annual sporting events around the world.

Sim betting is a relatively new concept in the world of sports betting, but it is garnering a following that is becoming harder and harder to ignore by players, many of whom have embraced the concept and welcomed it as part of their routine as bettors.

Of course, there are challenges for live simulation betting in its goal of becoming part of the mainstream. For sim betting to reach the popularity of betting on real sports, it’s important to consistently remind people that all outcomes of sim games are entirely determined by the artificial intelligence of computers used in simulating each and every match.

To achieve absolute transparency,  Nitro Sims follows a strict protocol in ensuring that all games are free of human intervention or any form of influence outside of the computer’s artificial intelligence.

Currently, Nitrogen Sports is simulating numerous NBA 2K20, FIFA 20, and NFL Madden 20 games on a daily basis, and adding more categories is expected, considering the immense reception of the company’s client-base to Nitro Sims. Nitrogen Sports encourages everyone to send suggestions on which sport or league should be featured next on Nitro Sims. You can contact them via their social media channels (Twitter, Facebook).

Nitro Sims is just the latest in a long line of exciting promotions by Nitrogen Sports. Together with Nitro Squares and Nitro Brackets, Nitro Sims aims to deliver an excellent alternative for  bettors who are looking for unique ways to bet with Bitcoin.

To bet on Nitro Sims games, players need to have a Nitrogen Sports account, which is free and takes just less than a minute to create. See the latest Nitrogen Sports news and announcements on Nitrogen Sports Blog.