Nitrogen Sports Brings Back the NFL Survivor Pools with Tons of Guaranteed Bitcoin Prize

Nitrogen Sports users rejoice, as the return of the football season also signals the relaunch of the site’s NFL Survivor Pool contests!

Like in previous years, the Nitrogen Sports 2020 NFL Survivor Pool will feature several Survivor Pools, each with various buy-in requirements and prizes for all participants. This time around, a total prize pool of over ~11 BTC (about $130,000) will be up for grabs across all 2020 NFL Survivor Pool contests, giving users even more opportunities to win Bitcoin from sports betting.

Nitrogen Sports’ NFL Survivor Pool kicked off on August 1, 2020, and is a fun and easy way for players to get more bang for their betting buck this 2020 NFL season.

The main objective of the NFL Survivor game is to predict a winning team during each week of the regular season. If the chosen team wins, the player moves on to the following week, but can no longer select any of the teams they’ve already chosen in previous weeks. The player who “survives” by becoming the last man standing in the pool wins the respective 2020 NFL Survivor Pool’s purse!

Nitrogen Sports users will have the choice of joining any or all of the nine different NFL Survivor Pools, each with varying buy-in requirements – including a free buy-in – and total prizes to be won.

Having a sound strategy for the NFL Survivor Pool contest is crucial, as one slip-up could very well mean the end of a player’s run at any given pool. That being said, players will need to have good knowledge about head-to-head matchups, current and upcoming schedules of games, and roster updates (injuries; trades, etc.). These are just some of the key factors to consider before locking in a pick for the given week.

Be sure to be on the lookout for more announcements on all the latest updates for the NFL Survivor Pool contests this entire month of August by visiting the Nitrogen Sports NFL Hub, and be sure to partake in all the exciting NFL Survivor Pool action this instant!

In the meantime, check out even more content over at the Nitrogen Sports Blog to stay on top of all the latest NFL news and previews in preparation for the long-awaited return of live pigskin action.