NFL Props: Top Over/Under Win Totals for 2019 Season

The NFL regular season is rapidly approaching with there being just over 1 week until we see the first real game of the NFL season. This means that we only have about a week or so to get in our future bets on team win totals.

Seattle Seahawks Under 8.5 Wins (+112)

The Seahawks have dealt with some injuries at wide receiver that have them signing undrafted rookies to guaranteed NFL contracts, something that is not usually an encouraging sign of depth. David Moore and D.K. Metcalf have both been dealing with injuries and I think that this receiving group is really lacking in consistent and solid threats.

To go along with this, I think that Seattle is generally getting older than they are younger and I think this is a bad thing. The Seahawks do not have a bunch of young talent waiting to develop and I think they will struggle with the talent in their division.

Last season, the 49ers and the Cardinals were the two worst teams in football. I do not expect this to be the case this year, especially with the 49ers becoming healthy in the offseason. I think the Seahawks will be struggling to win 4 games in this division and will finish the season at 7-9 or 8-8 in a mediocre year.

Cleveland Browns Over 9.5 Wins (+125)

I am all aboard the Browns hype train and I cannot get off right when this team really becomes good. This team truly has one weakness, which is their offensive line. While I am slightly concerned about this problem, I think that Jarvis, Odell, Chubb, and Njoku are all average to elite athletes when it comes to creating plays with the ball.

This means that the worst case scenario for the Browns is that they need to adapt their offense to become very reliant on quick plays that don’t take long to develop. I think that they have so much talent everywhere else, that they will be able to handle that challenge. The Browns were in multiple very close games where they fell short last year, and now they add a year of experience to a lot of young players and Odell Beckham Jr.

This should be a recipe for improvement and I expect the Browns to surprise some people early in the season with just how good they are at times. I love this number, especially as a dog.

Indianapolis Colts Over 6.5 Wins (-125)

I was walking down the street a few nights ago when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said “Hey, do you know who Andrew Luck is?” I slowly replied, “Yeah?” “He just retired.”

I thought I was getting punk’d. I was stunned along with the rest of the sports world. However I think that the sports world is a bit too stunned.

Jacoby Brissett is a very competent quarterback and I think he is being sold short here. The offensive line and weapons around him are some of the best in football and I am a believer that this is the most important part of being a good QB.

T.Y. Hilton runs a 4.34. Devin Funchess is a young and big receiver. Eric Ebron is an elite athlete at the tight end position. Jack Doyle is a very reliable target and blocker. Parris Campbell creates separation and YAC at will.

This is an elite group of talent around Brissett and I think Brissett has more than enough talent to just let these guys make plays. If I thought the Colts were a good bet to go 12-4 and make the Super Bowl with Luck, I think they are still an 8 or even 9 win team if their defense can make another jump. I love this number on the Colts.

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