New Security Measures in the Esports Betting Industry

The rising industry of esports has faced a great deal of scrutiny for corruption involving illicit skins, match fixing and other illegal schemes that ruin the market for everyone. As the industry grows even farther beyond its 2017 market figure of $696 million and estimated esports audience of 385 million people worldwide, the implications for fixes become ever more expensive.

Many of the tactics that are used in esports are moving over into traditional betting as well, experts say. This means successful esports security measures will have a positive impact on the entire industry.

Although the technology used to rig esports is usually ahead of the curve, the motives of the people are the same. Low-level chancers look to pay off individuals or teams to rig matches. In the upper echelon of activity, organized syndicates conduct more sophisticated operations that may move into the infrastructure of an esports league, pushing fair bookies out of the market.

It is also important to note the dual epicenter of esports – Southeast Asia and the United States. These have always been the two locations with the most illegal activity for the industry in general. The number one location, according to many experts, is China. It is also true that the further away from top sports leagues you go, the more prevalent the illegal activity becomes. Lower level leagues do not have the money to protect their infrastructure, and many sponsors in this realm also come with underhanded propositions that toe the line of legal and illegal activity. Teams who are looking to rise in the ranks sometimes collude in order to increase their standing. Activity in this regard is becoming more rampant.

There are already many safeguards in place, although they must be consistently updated. For instance, ESIC serves as a safeguard against potential fraud by monitoring unusual spikes in betting activity on events and individual deposits that seem extraordinarily large.

One of the major initiatives within the industry is to create an overarching governing body for security. Operators such as ESL, which is currently the largest company in esports, partner with the ESIC and share technologies. ESL also sponsors conferences that educate participants in the industry about the dangers of dealing in illegal activity. However, there are still many companies that have not taken any initiative to stop illegal business through any change in their systems or regulations.

What can the industry in general learn from esports? First, security is a matter of resources. However, prioritizing security is also of primary importance. Participants must learn to deal only with companies that have a track record of a level playing field. Proper bookmaking relies on a system of rules and punishments that ensure a level playing field. Getting your booking offers & betting offers from trusted entities like Bookies Offers ensures that you always do business with organizations that have a history of proper operation. Staying away from scam organizations keeps you from running into uncertainty and problematic structures. Most importantly, it gives you the best chance of winning!