NBA Finals Game 4 Preview – Raptors Vs. Warriors

The Warriors backs are up against the proverbial wall and if you don’t believe it then look at the scoreboard. The Raptors showed up for game three and did what they had to do in the city of Oakland; win. With every victory comes confidence for this very talented Raptors squad and we have come around. It took them doing it for us to believe but we are believers in this young team. We said from the beginning that the Raptors would not go down easy and we predicted a seven-game series. The Bettors are a bit stumped as to their betting options, who saw this coming? We all saw the raptors getting the win in Toronto, then the Warriors picked it up in game-2 and what do they do? They go home and lose. As much as we like all the fancy bets and the many prop options available, (Curry) great prop option, we must go back to what brought us.

Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors Preview and Predictions

The Warriors are up against it and they must win tonight, or this series is all but over. Look, we are not saying that the Warriors can’t come back after being down 3-1, but we are saying it’s going to be next to impossible. They must tie this series and head back to Toronto needing a win. Has it been done before-the 3-1 comeback? Yes it has, against this very Warriors team. The Cavaliers did it against this squad minus Kevin Durant. Where is the team today? Minus Kevin Durant.

The Warriors need Kevin Durant. The “big media boys” can say what they will but Durant is a key element to how the game flows for this team, without him, they are simply not the same. The Raptors have too many answers. The Raptors controlled the entire game 3 and they did it in hostile territory. There could be a changing of the guard in the NBA. The Western Conference just might be losing its dominance.

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Stephen Curry can’t do it all, even his 44 points wasn’t enough and the crazy thing; Curry outscored his entire team combined! The must have Klay Thompson back or their done. This team was built around stars and Thompson is not only a star, he is a key element to any success the Warriors have found over the course of the last five years.

The Raptors are shooting well, defending well and it’s produced a 9-point, and a 14-point win. Kawhi has been the star he was pre-finals, and he contributed another 30 points. The Raptors don’t need 44 from Kawhi, they needed 30, and they got the big win. They need 30 tonight and the continued consistent shooting from the four on the floor.

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The Warriors must come up with some defensive answers and they will. We think this game is much closer than game three. We still respect Golden State and their ability to play at home. They got bounced and embarrassed in game three and that was a wakeup call to play better.

Prediction: Back to the well—5-point teaser with Warriors and over the total, moving the Warriors to +1.5 and over 210.5.