NBA Betting 2017: Warriors to lead the Western Conference

From the moment Kevin Durant put pen to contract with the Golden State Warriors, NBA experts, die-hard fans and casual observers have bided their time until the team was handed the NBA Championship Trophy.

His move has seen online bookies take NBL betting on the Warriors to a new high. And why not? The last three Western Conference winners also had the best overall NBA record; something Golden State currently possesses.

Golden State Warriors Recap and Odds

So far, the Warriors have made good on those expectations, racing out to a 33-6 record by mid-January. The Warriors may have played three more times than last season’s NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers, but the team has tallied five more victories and three fewer losses.

However, the Cavs did pick up a narrow victory against the Warriors on Christmas, 109-108.

Golden State Warriors   -230

Despite the holiday setback, the Warriors are still the class of the Western Conference and are favored win the Western Conference.

Online bookies should be aware that Golden State, despite the arrival of Durante, isn’t the juggernaut it was a season ago. Yet, the team is still very good.

The 2015-16 season saw the team set an NBA record with 73 wins. The team didn’t lose its first game until December.

It wasn’t March until that the Warriors lost their sixth game, something they equalled this season on January 6th against the Memphis Grizzlies.

West Conference Champion Challengers

San Antonio Spurs   +500

The biggest challenger to the Warriors is San Antonio, who has made it the team’s mission to be the most consistent NBA team year in, year out. And in a seven game series against the Warriors, it’s possible that they could take it home.

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Los Angeles Clippers   +550

The always over-hyped and over-rated Los Angeles Clippers are third favorites to win the west. Yet, online bookies must remember that the Clippers have done little in recent years to give confidence of competing for an NBA championship.

The Clippers are a team to promote to bettors because it could garner a good amount of cash. Flashy and fun to watch, the team has little lasting power.

Houston   +1600

Houston clocks in at odds of +1600 as James Harden plays lights out basketball. Experts feel online bettors have a great price with the Rockets.

So, online bookies should watch out with basketball betting on Houston to win the west.

But based on the current standings, Houston would have to go through Memphis to get near the Western Conference Finals; and that is an unenviable task.

Tipsters have hyped Houston and advised basketball betting punters to wager on the team. Online bookies aware of the way things are going can adjust before too many wagers come their way.


The west is typically the most difficult of the two NBA conferences. This season has once again proven this rule. But remember, in the NBA, the best talent and teams typically rise to the top.

With a seven game series format in the playoffs, the advantage is in the better team’s favor. Which is just more reason online bookies should prepare for Golden State to win the Western Conference.

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