MLB Baseball Betting – Second Half, Who Delivers, Who Falls Off?

The second half of what has turned into a great baseball season is here and if you love to bet this crazy up and down game then you most definitely want in in for a few good runs down the stretch. There has no doubt been some stellar performance this year both individually and as teams. There are still great baseball bonuses to be had, find one and discover unlimited earning potential, with some great teams like Boston and the New York Yankees.

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The Dodgers and Astros both started out shaky and both teams have found a solid middle ground; Houston with a five game lead in the AL West and the Dodgers with a half game lead over the Diamondbacks in the NL West. Both, the NL West and the AL West are fantastic divisions. There simply isn’t a clear cut favorite and anybody is pretty much capable of beating with exception of the Giants, Padres and Rangers! The Angels need a lot of help and most likely are out of this one, but it is baseball and miracles do happen from time to time!

National League:

NL East: This division is a fun one and also a disappointing one. The Mets were the talk of the town back in February and that all turned south and became a fast moving train wreck very quickly. The Braves and Phillies are fighting for a spot at the top and it’s a back and forth race between the two clubs. The interesting X factor in all of this; is the Washington Nationals. The Nationals had a difficult and a very up and down first half of the season. This team has seemed uncomfortable in their own skin. Now, they have a shot a redemption and they are close. This team has way too much talent to not make some noise. Look for them to rediscover themselves in the second half and be full contending come September.

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NL Central: The Chicago Cubs are the toast of the town and they have done exactly what they needed to do and that is overtake the Milwaukee Brewers for the outright lead in the division. Can they hang on? Probably not, and no, they are not jinxed! Darvish needs to be healthy and quick or the Cubs mist find another gunslinger. There is simply not enough in the tank to stay consistent, however, Milwaukee has the same problem. The Brewers have not been playing their best baseball to date but when the bats get hot, watch out. This is going to be a very tight race down the stretch and you can count on a fun race the rest of the way.

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NL West: One of the very best divisions in baseball with all but the Padres hanging around. This race will go to the wire between the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers. The Dodgers have the hitting, can they hang with their rotation? Probably not. They are simply not what they were last year, and it will be tough for them to hang on down the stretch.

American League:

The Red Sox and the Houston Astros have their divisions wrapped up! Yes, we said it. These two are simply too good and there is nobody in the west that will catch the Astros and the Yankees are uncommitted to pitching; it will cost them big. The Mariners are a solid team but again, they need pitching and it will cost them huge as the season gets late. Cleveland has it made, in the worst division in baseball, they are a solid pick to win the Central, but going nowhere come playoff time.