Make NFL Betting Predictions Using Weather Forecasts

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How does weather affect NFL games?

Weather affects totals, overs and unders, more in NFL games than it affects spreads. But, this isn’t always the case. For the most part, spreads are truer under weather conditions than totals.

Below are two games that involve Pittsburgh, a popular team for sports bettors, which shows how weather affects sports book betting.

Nov. 24 – Pittsburgh 28 at Indianapolis 7

The total in this game was 50. It occurred inside. The total went under by a wide-margin.

Dec. 11 – Pittsburgh 27 at Buffalo 20

The total in the above game was 45.5 It snowed that day in Buffalo. The game went over by 1.5 points.

Online bookie agents only need to be aware of weather situations. They don’t need to use any tools unless they feel the need to do so.

In both situations above, the totals changed due to sports betting preconceived notions.

The total in the Nov. 24 game was where it should be for a Pittsburgh game indoors. Indianapolis’s defense is one of the worst in the NFL.

It’s particularly bad against running backs. But, Le’Veon Bell, Pittsburgh’s All Pro RB, didn’t have a great game against Indy’s D.

He did versus Buffalo on Dec. 11 where he rushed for 236 yards and scored 3 TDs. Against a tougher defense, sports bettors drove the total in the Dec. 11 Pittsburgh game down to 45.5 from 47.5.

The preconceived notion that games go under in outside match ups led sports bettors to wager more on the under than on the over.

Whereas the preconceived notion that games indoors go over led bettors to wager more on the over than they did in the Nov. 24 game.

What Does This Mean For Price Per Head Agents?

The preconceived notions, from a sports bettor point-of-view, are correct. Games usually go over more indoors than they do outdoors.

But, online bookie agents aren’t sports bettors. An online bookie doesn’t have to make a move until a move needs to be made.

The essential point is that bookie agents make moves like pay per head agents, not like sports bettors. This is true even when they wear their sports betting caps. Be aware of how sports bettors think.

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