Learning to Bet on Different Sports

More than one billion people globally love playing or watching sports. Most bookies cover popular sports like athletics, baseball, basketball, cricket, football, American football, hockey, golf, tennis, rugby, and volleyball.

Many beginners take a long time to master how to wager on various sports as they have different rules and styles. Read on to learn how to engage in sports betting on different sports.

1.    Basketball

The sport has various types of wagers including:

  • Straight bets: they entail alerting a ticket writer the team’s number that you want to bet, your stake, and point spread. They will calculate your payout using 10/11 odds. So, an $11 bet will have a $21 payout.
  • Basketball point spreads: they need your favorite team to cover the spread. It should not lose or win by a particular points margin.

For example, many bookies list the bottom team as the home side. Place a point spread at the right side of your team.

  • Totals: they are the total points that both teams score in a game. You can predict that the total score will be less or more than the estimated points. Neither side has to cover the spread.
  • Basketball parlays: they are a combination of several wagers and you will win the wager if all teams cover the spread. Various betting platforms have different numbers of teams and odds. A parlay will be reduced by one team if a game ends in a push.

2.    Auto Racing

Thousands of auto racing enthusiasts flock to Las Vegas each year. The sport’s gambling structure resembles that of golf.

For instance, you can wager on who will win a race. Generally, betting firms list more than 19 drivers each having specific odds.

There are matchup propositions that involve pairing two drivers against one another while placing a head-to-head bet. An oddsmaker will set the betting line for each driver and the driver who has better finish wins the racing matchup. Yet, the two drivers need to start.

Certain bookie betting post unique propositions like over/under on race cautions or the car manufacturer that will win a race for example Dodge, Ford, or GM. They create betting lines on open-wheel circuits and the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) races.

3.    Boxing

Money Lines show boxing odds. Check your favorite boxer’s number and decide how much you will stake.

Typically, a minus sign (-) shows a favorite while a plus (+) indicates an underdog. The bookmaker will refund you if you place a straight wager and a game draws.

4.    Football

Usually, football odds are 10/11. Here are a few common football wagers:

  • Straight bets: they are the most famous football wagers. They entail predicting the team that will win a match.
  • Point spread: the team that you have chosen should cover the spread. Thus, winning or not losing bet certain points. Point spreads aren’t fixed as they often change.
  • Totals: you will predict the total goals that both teams will score at half time or full time.
  • Teasers: they have slightly low odds and they improve your point spread.
  • Parlay cards: you can stake $2 and get huge returns. Various bookmakers provide different cards with distinct rules.

They place the rules at the back of the cards. Hence, it is important to read them before you bet. Darken the circles or boxes that relate to your favorite teams.

5.    Hockey

Bookies pay you according to a Money Line. You will win after your team has covered the goal spread. Odds with a minus (-) shows the favorite while a plus (+) indicates an underdog.

Many online bookies and pay per head shops accept wagers on a wide variety of sports. They allow punters to create accumulators comprising bets on different sports or the same sport.

Even so, some sportsbooks specialize in certain sports. So, it is wise to check a bookmaker’s website to view its sports options before you sign up.

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