Introduction to American Sports

The majority of people the world over are active supporters of at least one sport. This is true especially for American sports such as American football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey, which all have a huge following outside of the US. Fans love watching these games and rooting for their favourite team or player. Others choose to make the experience even more thrilling by placing a bet, if you are planning to bet on an American sporting event, then be sure to check out this source: Few things heightens the intensity of a game like having money down on it!

Popular American Football

Sports is very much a huge part of the American culture, with Soccer’s American Football Association formed way back in 1884. The current sports market is worth more than $69 billion and is 50% larger than the entire market in Europe. Almost all the American sports are played domestically and enjoyed all year round, with Baseball favoured early in the year and the Football season covering Autumn and Winter.

The very physical game of American Football is by far the most popular, especially when it comes to betting, with the National Football League consisting of 32 teams from cities all over the US. Every team will play at least 16 games between September and December, followed by play-offs and ending with the two top teams getting off toe to toe in the Super Bowl the following January or February. The Super Bowl is always the most watched American sports event in the US, with more than 100 million fans enjoying the competition.

Baseball And Basketball

Baseball follows closely behind as the second most followed of the American sports, known as the national pastime. Physical in a different way from football, the game demands a different skill set from the players. 30 Major League teams are divided into an American League and a National League. Every team will play 160 games during full weeks of Spring and Autumn. Each of the league winners then meets for the World Series of games which will determine the overall National Champion.

The sport of Basketball is a combination of fast-paced Football and the concentration of Baseball and can be extremely exciting to watch. The National Basketball Association is made up of 30 teams heralding from both the US and Canada. Each team plays around 100 games from October to May, with the championship taking place in June. There are also 10 ladies teams that play in the Women’s National Basketball Association.

Enjoying American Sports

The National Hockey League also has a huge fan following, offering the thrill of American Football with lots of action and physical contact. Along with these, Motorsports, Tennis, Soccer and Wrestling also feature highly in the popularity stakes. If you want to learn more about these sports and add them to betting options, then be sure to visit this source: Add a little variety and excitement to the events you are betting on.

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