How to Predict Match Results for NRL Betting?

The National Rugby League is a top-level domestic rugby competition in Australia. It is one of the world’s famous rugby league competitions in terms of attendance and television viewers.

A large number of Australians place bets on match results. If you are new in the NRL betting scene, we have shared some useful tips to predict match results for NRL betting.

Knowing the Variables

According to expert betting sites like BlueBet, when you want to predict match results of a rugby game, consider the different variables that affect the game’s outcome. You also need to consider the rugby team’s performance data that includes lineout success on the opposition ball, possession kicked, kicks out of hand, turnovers won, points scored, conversions, and tries scored.

Collect this data to analyse the performance and form of the rugby team. These will provide you with accurate predictions of the match results. You need to collect data of at least the last ten matches of the team.

The data collection process can be challenging and time-consuming, but it’s worth your time. When you have team performance in front of you, it would be easy for you to predict the results of matches for NRL betting.

Goal Expectancy

Predicting the match result is all about mathematics. There are several websites like BlueBet that provide you with information about goal expectancy in upcoming matches. You can also find this information at a sports forum. Take a look at match previews.

The commentators are also known to provide information about the number of possible goals in the upcoming match. Pay special attention to the possession of the ball by the teams. This tells you a lot about the performance of a rugby team.

Collect data from different sources about goal expectancy to get a fair idea of both teams’ possibility of goals.

Home Ground Advantage

There is no doubt; home ground advantage exists in a rugby game. According to the Super Rugby tournament report, the home rugby team winning percentage is around 61%.

If you compare the national teams against an international team, the winning percentage swells to 80%. According to betting experts, the home ground performance of rugby teams is always better. It will help if you consider this factor when predicting match results in NRL betting.

Goal Differential

Goal differential is like a tiebreaker. It is used to rank the sports team that finishes on equal points in rugby league competition. The goal differential data can provide you with best match data for results predictions. The goal score has a random tendency, and a rugby game may have unexpected results. Yet, you need to look at goal differential data for past matches to predict the results better.

Use Data Available at Betting Websites

Betting websites are known to make money irrespective of the outcome of matches. These websites display margin values for both teams that might help predict the matches’ results in NRL betting.

  • What Are the Margin Values?

Margins refer to the difference between the odds. You need to understand how bookmakers adjust the margins to make odds even for both teams to attract bets for both teams in the right proportion. This way, the bookmaker and betting website earns in both scenarios.

You need to understand the principle behind the working of margins. Lower margins are favourable to bettors, while larger margins reduce the bettors’ winnings. It helps if you find out the exact margin on the odds you are betting on. Several websites offer a margins calculator that allows you to calculate the margin applied to a specific bet.

These are ways how you can predict the match results in NRL betting. Ensure the information sources you used to collect data are trustworthy and don’t trick you into placing wrong bets.