How to Develop Your Own NBA Betting Strategy That Actually Works

Let’s be honest… sports betting is a lot more enjoyable when you’re winning. Although there is no secret to making successful bets every time, there are strategies that can greatly increase your odds.

In sports betting, knowledge is power. The more you know about a sport, the better. If you love the NBA, you’ve probably come across this guide to bet on your favorite (or even your least favorite) teams.

Keep reading to learn how to develop an NBA betting strategy that can help you stay in the green.

Watch the NBA Schedule

Sports bettors looking to make money should keep track of the NBA schedule as part of their NBA betting strategy. Find resources like the ESPN app or official NBA websites to find:

  • Team schedules
  • Game times
  • Player injuries
  • Team performance

Using mobile apps can help bettors make more informed decisions when it comes to in-game and live betting. You’ll receive real-time updates on line movements and game results.

Scheduling is a factor that goes into creating betting odds, so it’s important to understand it.

Keep Tabs on Injury Reports

Player injuries can significantly impact your odds of winning an NBA bet. Keep tabs on injury reports to see which players are good to play and which are out for the game.

Let’s say that Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving are out for the next Dallas Mavericks game. This could indicate that the team has a lower chance of winning, as two of their top players are out.

Once players are ruled out, you’ll see a definite swing in the odds. A savvy sports bettor will be aware of this information and decide how injuries could impact their chances of winning.

Injury reports are also beneficial for providing valuable information on how a player might come out. If a player is recovering from an injury, they might be on a time restriction that could lead to them putting up lower numbers than usual.

Coaches typically state whether a player will be on a minutes restriction before a game starts. Find and use this information to your advantage.

Don’t Always Bet the Favored Team

Upsets happen in any sport and basketball is no different. It might be profitable to bet on the underdog if there are factors that indicate they could win.

Favorites can’t always be trusted to win a game outright or cover the spread, especially if a key player is out with an injury. Evaluate each game with the information you find to come up with a betting strategy.

Betting the underdog is one of the best NBA tips during the playoffs where upsets happen frequently. Last year’s playoffs saw the Miami Heat enter the NBA Finals despite being underdogs during the first three rounds.

Fading the public (backing a losing team) is a common sports betting strategy for seasoned NBA bettors.

Place Bets Early

The early bird gets the worm when it comes to NBA betting systems. Placing wagers early comes with a variety of benefits, the first being that you can catch more favorable odds.

Lines often move, especially as new information comes out about a game. Placing your bet early means locking in better odds than those who wait until right before game time to make a wager.

Betting early also allows you to take advantage of injury reports and team information before the public and oddsmakers adjust the lines. Unadjusted odds are valuable, especially when it comes to player props.

Early betting is common for seasoned bettors who want to exploit market inefficiencies. By checking game odds ahead of time, you might spot trends or find undervalued underdogs that the oddsmakers have not recognized.

If you utilize this strategy, consider a sportsbook that allows you to cash out your bets until the game starts. You could be in a situation where you place a bet early only to find out that a key player is out with an injury.

Track NBA Teams

In any basketball betting guide, you’ll find that monitoring specific teams throughout the season is a valuable strategy.

While monitoring every team is difficult, you’ll get better at recognizing strengths and weaknesses as you become an avid bettor. Consider starting with a few teams and then gradually increasing your list.

When you understand an NBA team, you’ll have an easier time identifying favorable matchups and betting opportunities. Tracking teams will allow you to identify patterns in their performance.

Patterns and trends will help you predict future outcomes, especially when it comes to certain matchups. Follow how well a team does on the road versus at home.

In the competitive world of sports betting, understanding a few key teams will allow you to gain an edge. Pay close attention to performance and use that information to make smart wagers.

Hedge NBA Bets

Hedging is a popular sports betting method because it can mitigate your losses. Hedging your bets involves placing a wager against your original bet to safeguard your bankroll.

Although this can help with bankroll management, it’s not a great long-term strategy. If you are trying to make a lot of money with sports betting, you won’t get very far hedging all of your bets.

Consider this strategy when you are uncertain about your initial bet.

An example of a hedge bet would be betting on the moneyline for one team despite backing their opponent in a different bet. No matter the outcome, you’ll win, but you likely still lose some money.

A hedge bet is like an insurance for your original bet. To maximize your profits, combine hedge betting with other NBA betting strategies.

Develop Your NBA Betting Strategy Now

Having an NBA betting strategy can help you earn profits as a sports bettor, but it’s important to know when to adjust. The best strategy is to keep tabs on scheduling, injury reports, and teams so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Combine the methods of NBA betting covered in this guide to possibly maximize your profits.

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