How Much Do Online Bookies Make? (Plus 3 Tips to Make More Money)

As an online bookie, you can make a lot of money. How much money can you make? There are several factors that determine that.

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First, let’s talk about some of those factors. Then, let’s study 3 ways that online bookies can increase their profit.

How Much Do Online Bookies Make?

As with any business, several factors are involved that determine how much an online bookie makes. We’ve listed 5 of those factors below:

  1. How many clients (sports bettors) play through your sportsbook?
  2. What sports do your clients wager?
  3. How are you, and to what extent, are you promoting your sportsbook?
  4. Are you actively seeking new clients?
  5. Do you offer incentives to your clients to play in your sportsbook?

The more incentives you offer, the more likely sports bettors will be willing to play through you.

There’s also another big factor to consider:  have you partnered with a reputable pay per head company?

Pay per head tools, plus the safety that comes from partnering with a PPH organization, are huge selling point for many sports bettors.

3 Tips to Make More Money

If you’ve partnered with a reputable pay per head company, you can move on to utilizing PPH tools that help you make more profit.

Settle alert tool – Your pay per head company must have a settle alert tool that online bookies can use to create settle alerts. A settle alert pings you when you must either collect or payout. On time collections and payouts leads to happy clients.

Happy clients that don’t owe you money can continue to wager through your sportsbook.

Line mover – The line mover is usually only offered through premium or premiere plans. The line mover allows bookies to change betting lines. Bookies can change betting lines to encourage wagers. Bookies can change betting lines to discourage wagers.

Or, they can change betting lines to encourage wagers on a specific side of a spread.

Hold percentage tool – A hold percentage tool is necessary to determine a breakdown of player activity. The best hold percentage tools include statistics on bet count, volume, hold percentage (how much the bookie keeps after all bets are final), wins, losses, and average bet amount.

The statistics via a great hold percentage tool can be for a sport, a sports league, a period, and a bet type.

Those are only 3 profit making tools that online bookies can get by partnering with the right pay per head company.

That’s the key to making online sportsbook profits. Wisely choose the pay per head company you work with.

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