How Much Do Business Owners Make As Master Agents?

Most pay per head agents that decide to become master agents do so because they must. They must become master agents because they can’t continue to grow their businesses without hiring sub agents.

How much do business owners make as master agents? It’s entirely up to the specific master agent.

Though, there are some things that a master agent could do to increase profitability.. Below are a couple of those things.

Hire the Right Sub Agents

Here are 4 things to look for in the right sub agent:

  1. Does the sub agent have her own book of business?

Does the sub agent bring along players that will provide action to a master agent’s business?

  1. Is the sub agent an expert in acquiring specific sports bettors?

For example, if the master agent knows football better than any other sport, why hire a sub agent that’s also a football betting expert?

Why not hire a sub agent who can add horseplayers, or casino players?

  1. Does the sub agent mind taking direction?

Many sub agents started out as individual online bookies. They’re not used to taking direction. If a master agent hires a sub agent that doesn’t wish to take direction, it could be a huge disaster.

Partner with the Right Pay Per Head Company

Here are 4 tips to help you on your quest to finding the right pay per head company.

  1. Consider cost per head but only regarding provided tools

The cheapest  pay per head company doesn’t always provide the best PPH tools. Only consider cost in relation to tools

  1. Master agents should think about how they’re going to use the tools

Most master agents are already aware of the tools their per head company offers. However, master agents must use tools differently than individual pay per head agents.

Consider what you will use the tools for when you become a master agent.

  1. Get in the habit of studying reports

The very best pay per head companies provide reports. Master agents spend most of their time growing the business by forecasting. Forecasting requires studying reports.

  1. Sign-up for all premium tools

Some pay per head companies, like, offer premium tools in more expensive packages.

Premium tools can really add profit to a master agent’s organization. Once an agent becomes a master agent, she should sign up for all premium tools.

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