How Can Bookies Double Sportsbook Profits Easily? Think Online Casinos

Pay per head agents mustn’t just rely on sports bettors to turn a profit. In fact, agents can double their profits with online casino software.

Reasons exist for why casino betting has such a significant impact on a sportsbook’s bottom line.

Check out 4 of those reasons!

Reason #1: Online Casinos appeal to a wider audience

Men mostly wager on sports. Most popular sports employ men. Men gather around television sets and watch sports events. There’s a theory that instead of hunting in packs, men watch sports in packs.

Casino betting doesn’t lend itself to a specific gender. Both men and women play casino games. Women are just as likely to bet in a bookies’ online casino as men are.

Reason #2: Casino betting doesn’t require specific knowledge

Casino betting doesn’t require the same sort of knowledge that it requires to find success in betting on sports. Hockey bettors, baseball bettors, football bettors, boxing bettors, etc., understand the specifics about the sport on which they wager.

It doesn’t take much knowledge to understand blackjack or craps rules. It takes minimal knowledge to understand how a slot machine pays out.

Reason #3: Minimum investments encourage more wagers

It takes money to make money betting on sports. Some players might not want to put $50 or even $25 on a football game that lasts 3 ½ to 4 hours. To wait that long to find out if they’ve won, bettors must have patience.

They must also have the funds to make a $25 wager.

Casino investment can be as minimal as $1. The entertainment value in playing casino games makes it much more attractive than betting on sports.

Reason #4: Mobile online casino betting puts control in players’ hands

With premium pay per head solution, online bookies can offer their players mobile betting options.

Players can wager on casino games via their mobile phones. This hands the power to players. They can pull a slot machine arm pretty much whenever they feel like it.

Maybe, they’re waiting while their cars being washed, or standing in line to pay for their groceries, or waiting in a food truck line.

Players can wager in the online casino whenever they feel like it. That makes the online casino attractive to players who want simple, entertainment, gambling action without investing too much money and time. offers all the popular online casino tables and slots, and with live casino options, players feel like they’re right at the table.

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