Henny at the Half Handicapper Review

Henny at the Half has been capping all major sports since 2008, when the founder developed a formula that uses team and individual statistics, betting trends, injury reports, and much more to calculate games. Since then, the company has grown immensely, and only recently as last year did Henny at the Half join the Instagram family to garner more awareness. With an approximately 67% win rate since the beginning of 2019, hundreds of clients have reaped in the profits. With prices below the market value, Henny at the Half provides the most affordable way to make money on sports while also maintaining an unprecedented record.

Since there aren’t any major sports right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, Henny at the Half is offering FREE international plays on their Instagram page @hennyathalf. These sports include but are not limited to Belarusian soccer, Nicaraguan soccer, Tajik soccer and basketball, Taiwanese soccer and basketball, Russian hockey, and much more. The same probability distribution model is in place for the current market of sports so the results have been just as accurate. Please head over to their IG page to give them a follow, view these picks and wager responsibly at your respective bookmakers.