Explore The Possibilities

There are indeed software solutions you can use to explore the many possibilities that lie ahead in 2020. Stop moping around and get ready to make some serious money from here until December. Your balance sheet will reflect fantastic things if you open the door to opportunity.

  • Find a great pay per head that offers the best software for bookmakers and get started today with a custom-built website for free. Yes, you can have that all-inclusive, gaming website that you have always wanted and now, you can have it built in a day or two free of charge. You can have your players playing in the next few days and you will be shocked at the amount of revenue that pours in the door.
  • With a PPH, you will get a top-notch, state-of-the-art gaming website that includes a fantastic sportsbook, a world-class racebook, and a Las Vegas-style casino. The sportsbook comes loaded with all of the best features and with the best user interface along with a huge wagering menu. You will get thousands of daily prop options, future bets, parlays, teasers, super teasers, reverse action, round robins, politics, current events, lotto, contests, bonus options, and much more.
  • The casino comes loaded with all of the hottest and newest slots, the best table games and even a live dealer should you chose the option. Your players will love having a casino and you will find the casino to be a perpetual cash cow. There is a pile of money to be made in a casino. When the sportsbook is not doing well, the casino will always make you money.
  • The racebook is an ever-important asset to any gaming site. You must make the most of a great racebook. Horseplayers are the best to have because they are loyal. They spend money daily and it matters not if they win or lose; they spend money. You need the revenue flow. With the right PPH, you will have access to the best tracks from North America and around the world. The racebook pays track odds and in real-time.
  • The Pay per head is the software. They provide the bookie with software that is operated from a desktop, laptop, or a mobile device. It’s simple and user-friendly. You will have a real, working, gaming website. You will have all three genera’s of gambling and they all come for free. The PPH will build your site in a couple of days and your players will be playing against you in real-time, for real money, this week.
  • Find a PPH that charges a fair price. You can expect to pay around $7-$13 per head, per week for the best. You will be privy to an exclusive .com address for you and your clients use. Once your account is set up, all you need to do is add your players and create their account. The process is quick and easy.
  • The best pay per head companies offer a 24/7 support hotline that’s toll-free from the United States. You and your clients can call at any time of the day or night should you have any problems, questions, or concerns. The PPH is fully-staffed with English speaking agents that are gaming knowledgeable.
  • The PPH stets all of the daily events, they set the side bets, the future bets, thousands of props, and all of the day’s lines and odds. The site is yours to manage so remember, you make the final call on lines and odds. Should you want to change them, you may do so at any time. You also have the option to offer only the event that you want to offer, or only the props and futures bets that you want to offer.

Player management is a very big deal in a pay per head software and you must know what your players are doing at all times. Are they beating you, are they losing to you? You will have 24/7 on-demand access to players and financial reports. Now, you will have the unfettered ability to know where every dollar goes and when every dollar comes in. Check out the top PPH today and get started with a free gaming website. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.