College Football Playoff Rankings: Clemson Grabs Top Spot

The first release of the College Football Playoff rankings looks nothing like the current AP Top 25 Poll. Clemson comes in at the top spot despite being ranked 3rd in the AP Poll. Baylor is on the outside looking in at #5, while Alabama sneaks into the top 4 despite being ranked 7th in the AP Poll. LSU lands at number 2 with Ohio State #3. LSU and Alabama play this weekend which will go a long way in sorting things out. Undefeated Iowa is #9 and unbeaten Memphis starts at #13 and will need a lot of help to reach the top 4. Below is the complete top 25 rankings.

Here is the complete rankings as of 11/3/2015:

1. Clemson 14. Oklahoma State
2. LSU 15. Oklahoma
3. Ohio State 16. Florida State
4. Alabama 17. Michigan
5. Notre Dame 18. Ole Miss
6. Baylor 19. Texas A&M
7. Michigan State 20. Mississippi State
8. TCU 21. Northwestern
9. Iowa 22. Temple
10. Florida 23. UCLA
11. Stanford 24. Toledo
12. Utah 25. Houston
13. Memphis