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THE WRAP: 4/11/05
This past weekend’s action from a bookmaker’s point-of-view
By Jimmy Mason, Director of Sportsbook Operations, MyBookie

This weekend was another small winner for the house that sawthe Angels in the mix, a split of our biggest NBA decisions anda huge golf handle!

Saturday saw some big line movements as there were a handfulof games that we just couldn’t move hard enough. The Nuggets hostedthe Sonics and opened as low as -7 ½ point in places. Our linesmakerseeing the play before it happened opened them up at -8 ½, whichlasted about a nano-second! They soared to -9, then -9 ½ and allthe way up to -10 ½ before closing at -10. The Nuggets easilywon and covered 121-105. Round one went to the players! Baseballwas not so nice to the book either as the big bats of the California-Anaheimof Los Angeles Angel-Disney-Dodgers or whatever the heck theyare now (I know they’re the ones in the A.L.!!!) hosted the lameduck Royals and the line reflected it. The Angels opened at -185and we could not buy a bet on the Royals. We ended up closingthe Angels at -225. Even though we moved through the -200 pricewhich expanded the moneyline, a forty cent move is strong no matterhow you slice it! Angels, and the players win 8-3!

The NBA was kinder to us Sunday as our biggest game of the daysaw the Pacers hosting the Knicks. The Pacers opened at -7 ½ inmany places, but our guy decided to use -8. Soon the world waspainted -8, and we were so loaded up on Indiana that we went to-8 ½. The Knicks played hard and not only covered, but won thegame outright 113-112! Then it was the Angels again who were bigfavorites over the Royals. The sharps were on the underdog Royalssmall when they opened at -230 and took the line down to -220.I was going bananas at the fact we were getting hit at an 8:1clip on the favorite and we were moving the line down!!! Factof the matter is our linesmaker knows his business and respectedthe sharp move more than the public money on this one and it paidoff as the Royals knocked off Colon and the Angels inverting thescore 8-3.

The Masters was also held this weekend and if you didn’t betit, you should have! We had daily updated odds to win the tournament,golfer vs. golfer matchups, hole by hole betting and much, muchmore. Every year we see the betting expand on golf and never isit more clear than during the Masters. Our handle (Volume) wasmore than five our usual golf handle and the icing on the cakewas our live betting on the playoff…… ……Which we got creamed on!All said though, it was a fun weekend and the Masters finale wasjust the icing on the cake.

Until next week, when we’ll look back again…..
Jimmy Mason

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