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Here’s to calling all women with drive and ambition, ladies, you too can be successful in the bookie business. Yes, it’s no secret that the industry at large has been dominated by the male presence, however, the tide is turning, and women have proven that not only can they be bookies, they can be great bookies. This gaming business is for anyone that has a will and wants to make money while having fun and doing what you love to do. There are no sour grapes here. Women are welcome and encouraged to get into the bookmaking business because they are good at it. Why not make a pile of money at something you are good at? Now is the time to jump in and test the waters for yourself.


*We want no part of it and we certainly don’t want to portray the wrong message here, but it would be wrong for us to not mention why women make good bookies.

Why do women make good bookies?

  • Women are 100% as intelligent as men and many of them are more sports knowledgeable than men. We don’t believe that anybody must be the “Einstein” of sports knowledge, however, the more sports knowledge that you have, the further you will probably go as a bookmaker.
  • Women are multitaskers, let’s face it guys, we are not so great at this! Women can do ten things at once and know exactly where the last dollar was spent and where the best gas prices are in town. The ability to multitask is certainly important if you want to be a successful bookie on any level.
  • Women are patient, kind, and tend to be much more long-suffering than men. Men get sick of something and want to throw the baby out with the bathwater! This is just how it is. Men are quick tempered and can be very impatient. Good bookies are mild mannered, long-suffering, willing to go the extra mile and this makes them highly successful in business of any kind but more importantly, the bookmaking business.

**Bookies: Find a partnership that works for you, one that will aggressively grow your client base and one that will improve your bottom line. This is a money-making business, and a great working relationship that will foster the environment.

Pay Per Heads—

  • You must find a great one and partner up with them for added success to your business.
  • The gaming industry has gone far beyond Las Vegas and most of today’s sports gambling is conducted online.
  • You must have an online presence, if you do not, you are doomed to fail. There is a narrow margin of error for bookies, the losses can actually outweigh the profits from time to time so it’s highly beneficial to have someone on your side that’s willing to fight for you when the chips are down.

***The pay per head industry has revolutionized how bookies do business by offering a turnkey solution that offers the ability to get started within a s little as a day. If you have always dreamed of having your very own online sportsbook, racebook and casino, now it can be done for the low cost of around $10 per head, per week. The sports gambling business shows no signs of slowing and in fact, quite the opposite. The online gambling industry is growing 10-fold every year and the time to get in is now.

  • You may not be an expert in the online gambling market, as we said earlier, you don’t have to be. Of course it helps to know about sports, however, operating an online bookie is much more than knowing about sports. What you must know is how to keep yourself organized and how to successfully take bets on a daily basis from your client, how to pay them in a timely manner and how to continue to grow your client base.
  • A fantastic pay per head company can help you along the way in pursuit of your dreams. No matter who you are or what your background is; whether you are a man or woman is not important. What is important is your desire to offer sports betting and offer it under the blanket of an online forum—I.E. an online sportsbook.
  • In life there are a few absolutes, kind of like the old saying “death and taxes”. We all face both and one day our time is coming. What matters now is that you make the most of partnerships, relationships and most importantly, opportunity.

*Find a great partner to help you along the way and by all-means, partner with a fantastic pay per head company that keeps you in the game-literally. A great pay per head won’t charge you what your business can’t afford, and they will do all of the heavy lifting for you. They literally carry the workload of a bookie so that you don’t have to. You need to be an accountant, are you? You need to be great with math and numbers, are you? You need to be a great lines mover and odds maker, are you? You need to grade bet slips every night and be willing to take phone calls 24/7, does this sound like something you are willing to do? If not, then find that pay per head, they will do all of the work for you. Remember, find the right partnership that works, and you will see big success in the gaming industry.

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