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This Past Weekend’s Action from a Bookmaker’sPoint-of-View
By Jimmy Mason, Director of Sportsbook Operations, MyBookie

This weekend saw the bettors and the bookies duke it out toa draw on Saturday as the baseball games went both ways and Sundaywas a big day for the recreational players while the ‘wise guys’took a beating.

Ask half the bookies about Sunday and they’ll tell you how the‘steam’ went sour and they knocked the stuffing out of the ‘sharps’.The ‘sharps’ were on a bunch of games that went down in flameswith the Phillies, Milwaukee, and Detroit all biting the dustand only a handful of the boys had time to get in on the Atlantaand Colorado moves before the value was gone and the prices weretoo high.

Ask the other half of the bookies and they’ll tell you a differentstory as the ‘public’ had a field day with the only real gamethey lost being the Cardinals. The Braves and Smoltz, Clevelandand Sabathia, David Wells and the Red Sox, Andy Pettitte and theAstros, the Florida Marlins beating the weakling Devil Rays 1-0and the late night game with the ‘Big Unit’ Randy Johnson andthe Yanks dumping the Mets 5-4 were all very kind to the players.I know of more than one book that had some players hit big parlaysthis weekend.

May all your wagers be winners…
Jimmy Mason

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