Betting on the Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Some Final Thoughts

With Paris 2024 being only a couple of months away, a lot of bettors are preparing to wager on their favorite sports, athletes, or even entire nations to win in the biggest sports event in the world.

Olympic Games betting has been generally getting more and more popular in the past few years, with Tokyo 2020 being the Olympiad with the highest revenues generated by bookmakers all over the world so far.

This is kind of natural, though, considering that the Tokyo Games were held just while the restrictive measures for the pandemic were still on for a big part of the planet, meaning that fans would seek engagement and immersion with the event in other ways than visiting or watching it live. Betting became a very prominent way of doing so.

Meanwhile, the advancement of technology, the explosion of the internet, and the advent of online betting only made things easier for everyone who wanted (and still wants) to wager on the Olympics. Now, people from nearly every corner of the world can have access to betting platforms as long as they are legal and operators are licensed to provide relevant services, just like the best betting sites in India.

With Olympic Games betting becoming a ‘thing’ in the entire industry, the range of options and the list of betting markets keeps expanding to a point where most of the sportsbooks now are presenting their customers with an impressive list of different choices.

Moneyline,  outright, over-under bets or bets on totals, and prop bets are among the most common offerings that one can find with a simple click on an online bookmaker’s page.

Moneyline wagers are simple and pretty straightforward. Bettors generally prefer them because they are short-termed and they get instant results, as they only involve wagering on who’s going to win a certain game.

In the same principle, outright bets which are long-term wagers, are also quite simple. They are equally preferred by Olympic Games fans because all it takes is to guess the athlete or the team that will win the whole tournament – or simply enough, the gold medal.

Now, while moneyline and outright bets are common picks among punters, it seems that other markets are gaining more favorable grounds as they are getting to be more interesting for fans. Bets on totals, for instance, are actually thriving when it comes to the Olympic Games. That’s only natural because fans are compelled to wager on, let’s say, the number of gold medals that a team will win at the end of the event, or the total number of medals – including gold, silver, and bronze, or even the total number of sports in which they’ll be distinguished.

It’s really interesting and challenging to wager on the total number of medals a country will win, but what gets to be more fun than that is to bet on propositions. This brings us to the so-called prop bets which are nothing more than wagers on specific propositions made by the bookmakers regarding the Games.

Will the US, for instance, win more medals in Paris 2024 than Tokyo 2020? Will India win more medals than China? Are there going to be new games added to the forthcoming Olympics – just as cricket to be added to the LA2028 event for instance? And there can also be some non-game-related prop bets which add fun to the whole betting on the Olympics thing. Will the Olympic flame be extinguished during the torch relay? Will the closing ceremony have as much viewership as the opening ceremony? These are only just a glimpse of what kind of prop bets punters can find and they are certainly very interesting and exciting!

Betting on the Paris 2024 Games is expected to reach record levels, as more bettors get to have a stronger interest in this mega event and bookmakers get to develop an incredibly rich portfolio of betting markets and wagering propositions. For all of you who are thinking about experimenting with Olympics betting, just keep in mind that there are a lot of challenging markets, but there are also a lot of fun bets that you will certainly find amusing!