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By Bob Acton

The Dallas Cowboys sudden release of Quincy Carter yesterday,is going to send this club spiraling into a very disappointing2004-2005 NFL season. While coach Bill Parcells and owner JimmyJones would not elaborate much on their decisions, rumors arecirculating that Carter had tested positive for a banned substance.The drug in question is cocaine and old school Parcells andJones would not tolerate this type of flippant behavior.

Carter was a very interesting story as he left Georgia beforehis collegiate eligibility was up, and signed with the Cowboys,in a move that was questioned by several football experts. Hewas considered a major project, although no one disputed hisraw talent.

When Parcells arrived on the Cowboys scene he laid it on theline to Carter and told him, that he would need to devote allhis time day and night to studying the play book and polishingup on his quarterbacking fundamentals. Carter became immersedin his job and quickly began to win the confidence of his coachand players. In his first full season last year, Carter threwfor over 3,000 yards and while his interception to touchdownratio was not exceptional, you could really sense that he couldbe something special.

The signing of baseball star and former Michigan starter DrewHenson, as well as the acquisition of 40-year-old Vinny Testaverde,were not moves made to intimidate Carter, rather to help him.Parcells knew that Vinny, would tutor Carter just as he haddone with Pennington in New York, while Henson was not a hugeinvestment, rather more like a gamble.

You can sense by Parcells look and words, that this releaseis very gut wrenching for him, as the last 18 months have beenspent, turning Carter into a legitimate NFL quarterback. Carterburned the midnight oil, preparing himself and Parcells, felta very close bond with the young pivot.

While both Parcells and Jones will suggest that they must moveon and that Vinny is the experienced guy they can rely on, donot get fooled, as this may work for the first few games, butby week 6 watch out. Parcells may be a great motivator out offear and his defense and special teams, may be above average,but the offensive story will become very discombobulating, ratherquickly.

Parcells coached teams usually overachieve, while at the same timeare overrated on Las Vegas books, as the novice gambler, puts toomuch stock in this drill sergeants tactics. I would suggest thatthe best team in Texas this year, will reside In Houston not Dallas,where the Texans will make a run at a wild card spot this year.

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