Beginners Guide to Sports Betting in Australia

There are no sports from other countries that Australians can’t bet on. There’s at least one major game available for an online wager in Australia. IIn Australia, betting on any form of sport is legal. Gambling isn’t all that uncommon in this part of the world, so it’s great to see that they have an entire industry that caters to their needs.

The heavy reliance on sports dates back to the colonial era and continues today. Sports betting is one aspect which has influenced Australian culture as it continues to grow. Sports betting can be done both offline and online, with the latter being more prevalent for obvious reasons. Online you have a bigger range of Australian sportsbooks to choose from, which has many advantages. This way you can place your bets even if your local legal jurisdiction prohibits it. Australia is one of these countries where gambling and betting are still restricted through government regulations. As a result, there has been a large increase in the number of Australians choosing to sign up with operators based in Malta. After all, this is Europe’s number one gaming destination.

Sports Betting History in Australia

In 1810, Hyde Park in Sydney was the first horse race to take place. The South Australian Jockey Club, founded in 1856, was established in 1863, while the Queensland Turf Club. Gambling and betting in New South Wales (Poker Machines). In 1956, Bill launched pokies.

For the first time in 16 years, Australia has allowed internet gambling. Online casinos were prohibited by the Malcolm Turnbull administration, but sportsbooks are legalized. Because smartphone sports bets have been regarded as a societal concern, live-in-play betting was prohibited. Live sports bets cannot be placed through a smartphone.

Australia’s national government allows individual states and territories to regulate gambling. Online casinos and in-play sports betting were both outlawed by the IGA 2016 Amendment. It is allowed in Australia to use online sportsbooks, often known as “bookmaker sites” and continue to accept Australian sports bettors.

What Makes A Sport The Best To Bet On?

The number of games and tournaments available as well as the markets available for each game are all elements to consider. Bookmakers that become innovative with their market selection by using other sorts of factors such as market diversity earn bonus points. This is something that must be taken into account.

The popularity of the sport has an impact on this. What are the odds on the sports you want to wager on? We look at how many operators cover that sport and if they’re widely available or more specialized.

Thorough Research

How simple is it to do sports betting research? When it comes to statistics, we look at some of the finest sports to bet on. Horse racing and the NBA are two fantastic examples of how to make sure you get the most out of your wager.

The sports with the most liberal odds are the best to gamble on. Football, as well as major events – pay-per-view boxing, are examples of sports with exceptionally favorable odds.

Some sports provide better marketing opportunities than others. There are several reasons, but generally, it becomes a fever pitch when there is a lot of rivalry amongst bookies on a market. Some are just suitable for a few sports, such as the best chances guaranteed.

There are many reputable and dependable websites for online betting. Some are hazardous. Punters have to be careful about the platforms that they wager on to guarantee that fraudulent betting websites do not lose their hard-earned cash. Discover how sports betting money may be made if you don’t grasp the basics of online betting.

Legality and safety of Sports Betting in Australia

In 2019, Australian gambling produced an income of approximately $220 billion and the pandemic has helped growth the industry even further.  The Australian government now permits sports betting in brick and store and online. The 2016 Interactive Gaming amendment was approved for mobile sports gambling and was not enacted until August 2017. The prohibition on live/in-play betting allows Australian sports bettors to play less, but the number of sportsbooks is identical.

The government of the Coalition prefers to support Australian national gaming interests but is more opposed to internet operators offshore. Right now, the Labor Party is more friendly to internet gambling firms, since it is in opposition.

You may safely wager online on Australian sports. Australia has one of the world’s most advanced regulations. The standard is responsible gambling, and fairness and security are frequently verified by sportsbooks. Third-party testers supply the betting public with their results.

Australian policymakers are more regularly than other international leaders to talk about gaming legislation. This implies that Australian sportsbooks evaluate auto-harm more often, leading to safer, regulated gaming. Read the Internet Gambling Amendment 2016 to learn about the particular rules protecting your gambling.