Become Self Employed as a Bookie

The opportunities to start a great online sportsbook are better now than at any other time in recent years. If you are thinking about starting an online sportsbook there are inexpensive tools that can help you in this journey. The type of people that get into the bookie business are dreamers, they like to think big and they want to earn a great income. This job is not necessarily an easy one, there are many responsibilities and there are many headaches. We have been there, we know what you are going through, and we know what you are up against. You stand to earn a six-figure income if you play your cards right, the trick to all of this is knowing the ins and outs. We realize you can’t possibly learn everything there is to know about the bookie business here on paper, however, we can certainly lend our 25 years of experience, and some practical advice.

  1. Get help. Do not go through this journey alone. There are many trustworthy friends of the gaming industry that are willing to give free advice. Seek it out and listen to it. Start your business with a Pay Per Head. A fantastic pay per head that comes with a great reputation is your number one source for help. You can lean on a pay per head because they have invented a plan for bookies that works.
  2. Get online immediately. Do not screw around hunting down your friends at the corner bar. If you have players already from the corner bar/street, by all-means, keep them. Move them to your new digs. You need them for sure, they are your best advertisement. They are word of mouth and you want every player that you can get.
  3. Social media. Use it, having a strong presence on social media is easily the best deal for the money. It’s free, it’s word of mouth and if you do decide to pay a little to boost your adds, then by all-means do so. It will only help. You must use social media as a platform to shout out your business. Use it relentlessly. You see the adds on Facebook, you get hounded by them, repetition is everything.

A pay per head is an all-in-one online sportsbook, casino and racebook. The PPH providers have combined all three gaming genres into one and now you can have it all for the fair price of $10-$15 per head, per week.

*What do you get with a pay per head service?

  1. A state-of-the-art bookie website that is ready to taker on players and they can begin betting with you in a day or so.
  2. Accounting services: As a bookie one of the most important jobs that you will have is to keep up with your money. You must set a tight budget and you must stick to it. By setting a budget we mean how much you can let players spend against you.

Example: You start your pay per head with a personal bankroll of $5,000. (Remember, this is an example only. You may start a PPH with $10! There is no limit as to how much you need or don’t need. The PPH will not ask you about your personal bankroll, this is none of their business. They may ask you about player limits if you want their advice. They are in the know, you can trust the ones that have a great reputation, and you should feel a bond, and trust should always be on the table between you and the PPH). You start with $5,000—this is your entire bankroll… Can you afford to let players bet $500 per game? Of course you can’t. You must budget accordingly.

The pay per head does everything for you. They literally hold your hand through the entire process and the best one’s online will allow you a free trial for at least a month. You have no obligation to buy and you do not have to put any money down. If you want to make a small fortune as a bookie it can be done but it will be very difficult if you go this process alone. The PPH is safe, secure, and they guarantee runtime. Your bookie will always be online and available to your clients.

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