Avoid Getting Student Loans

We all know that college is a big investment that’s certainly worth the money and the hard work. There Is nothing more valuable than a great education; without an education life is tough. Sure, there are success stories from millionaires and even billionaires that made it big without graduating college, such as Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Think about this… There are more than 330 million folks in the good old USA and they all want a piece of the American dream. How is it accomplished? Through hard work and an education. Here is a proven fact; hard work goes a long ways, but without an education one must work twice as hard to be on par with those that have earned a degree. Talking about education is great but we must face the truth, college is extremely expensive and many simply can’t afford it. What do students do? They take out loans. Here are a few tips for college students that want to avoid student loans by making money online.

**The online sportsbook, racebook and casino industry is booming and has never been bigger or more accessible than now. There once was a day when online gaming was frowned upon and thought of as some backroom where one had to knock a certain code to get in the door and then be patted down for weapons. Look, that’s Hollywood. For years the movie industry has made gambling look like a sensationally dark entity. Example: “Casino” the movie. That was a great movie and highly entertaining and was loosely based on true events, but it was sensation at it’s best. Many parts of the movie were nothing but laughable. Hollywood has successfully made the gaming industry at large – look seedy and sinister. What a bunch of nonsense!

***It’s true, the United States tried to tell it’s citizens for years they were forbidden to gamble online, the feds tried to loosely control the activity but to little avail. Online gambling was always a gray area during the “gambling act” years. We all still gambled online, and nobody was prosecuted. Thankfully the days of the “gray areas” are over, with last years “gambling act” overturned by the SCOTUS. Any talk of those days are long over and now there we can be assured of no prosecution fears.

College students are becoming bookies to help pay for college.

  • The average annual cost for today’s college student to attend a private institution, is $34, 740. The average cost for state colleges is $9, 970 plus housing for residents and $25, 620 plus housing for    non-residents. No matter how it’s sliced and what category that you may fall into, college is a very big expense. As a result of the extravagant expense, students are finding alternative ways to afford       an education and a largely growing trend is the online gaming

Advantages of the gaming industry for the college student.

  • The gaming industry as a whole can offer a fantastic first-year income which can even include six figures.
  • There is practically no overhead – You will need a laptop, tablet, desktop or smartphone, and a solid internet connection.
  • You will need a platform in which to launch your business, such as a pay per head.

***What is a pay per head?

A pay per head is a service provided to bookies. It’s a service that offers bookie software and a turnkey, ready-now, online sportsbook, casino, and horse racing. The best pay per head providers on the internet charge anywhere from $10-$15, per head, per week.

  • The billing works like this. You have a client or two that wants to bet with you, you decide to take your sportsbook and casino online – every player that you have may play as many times as they wish for a one time per week charge to you the bookie. If your pay per head charges $10 per head, then you will pay a $10 fee for seven days of play in the fiscal week. They may make unlimited bets, you never pay more than one fee per player, per week.

Do you need gaming experience to open a sportsbook and casino?

  • No, you do not need any experience. Of course, it will come in handy if you do have experience, but it matters not if you are lacking in sportsbook-casino knowledge.
  • Brush up on “becoming a bookie” read about the ins and outs of what a bookies life entails, and you will realize there is not a lot that you must know. It’s certainly helpful to understand how sports betting works in general, what bets are offered, and what sports are offered. It’s also a great ide to have a basic understanding about sports odds, line movement and how the daily lines are set and offered. There is a plethora of information to be found online.

What you need to break into the bookie business is networking. Anywhere there are people, there is sports and casino gambling. Let a great pay per head provider build a bookie website for you and get your friends gambling on sports. The cost to be up and running within a day is NOTHING. There is no up-front cost of any kind and you can even sign up for a free trial. Once the free trial is over and you decide to continue as a bookie, you will then pay the nominal fee for each playing player.

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