AP Top 25 Poll: Auburn Drops 12 Spots After Win

We had a lot of movement in the AP Top 25 Poll this week as 3 SEC teams dropped out and Auburn dropped from 6th to 18th after an overtime win against FCS Jacksonville State. The top 3 remain the same with Ohio State, Alabama, and TCU. Michigan State moves up to #4 after their 31-28 win over Oregon and also grabbed 2 first place votes away from Ohio State. Baylor, USC, Georgia, Notre Dame, Florida State, and UCLA round out the top 10. Entering the Top 25 are BYU, Northwestern, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma State. Falling out were Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi State, and Boise State.

Here is the complete poll as of 9/14/2015:

1. Ohio State 14. Georgia Tech
2. Alabama 15. Ole Miss
3. TCU 16. Oklahoma
4. Michigan State 17. Texas A&M
5. Baylor 18. Auburn
6. USC 19. BYU
7. Georgia 20. Arizona
8. Notre Dame 21. Utah
9. Florida State 22. Missouri
10. UCLA 23. Northwestern
11. Clemson 24. Wisconsin
12. Oregon 25. Oklahoma State
13. LSU