Analogs of the Game Aviator Game Online

Looking for alternatives to the aviator game online? Slots similar to the famous Aviator have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Today, let’s explore simulators that could give this renowned entertainment a run for its money.

The Aviator game has all the necessary characteristics that attract gambling fans. This is a simple and clear interface, with high dynamics, and the opportunity to catch large multipliers. In addition, gamblers can also, if desired, make two bets at the same time, which allows you to insure one of the bets in case of an unfortunate outcome. With a competent approach, the user can count on a quick increase in the bank, as well as a storm of excitement. This is what the Aviator game is designed for, available in almost any reputable casino.

However, analogs of this slot are also quite popular among the audience of gamblers. Games similar to the aviator game online, have exactly the same rules as this slot. But they may differ slightly in terms of interface design, button layout, and other details

What is easier to play: Aviator or other slots?

Many players wonder whether it is worth it to test analogs of Aviator –, if there is an original version of the slot. Here everything depends on the user himself and his individual preferences. Some believe that the Aviator has too minimalistic design, and therefore it is worth trying a more colorful slot machine. Others are convinced that the original

The closest analog of the Aviator: JetX

JetX is the slot that almost completely repeats the Aviator in its features. You can win in JetX games in no time; many gamblers prefer to bet exactly on JetX real money, believing that this slot is a better version of Aviator. The slot was released in 2017 – incidentally, this was before the Aviator was introduced to the public. JetX can be found on various betting services and casinos. The demo version, as in the case of Aviator, is available without registration. To bet for real money, the user needs to create an account on the platform, as well as replenish their game deposit. As for playing with bonus funds, most of the casinos and bookmakers in the case of JetX do not provide such an opportunity. If necessary, a player can download a casino app that gives users access to JetX real money. Like Aviator, in this case, the game will always be at the gambler’s fingertips.

A distinctive feature of the JetX simulator is its pleasant retro style. The design of the slot is the factor that most often attracts users to this game. Otherwise, the gameplay is no different from gambling on the slot Aviator. Completion of the tour in JetX games is accompanied by the explosion of the airplane. If we talk about the Aviator, then here the end of the scenario is softer: the plane disappears from the screen.

Lucky Jet  from the bookmaker 1 win

Lucky Jet is also quite similar to the classic Aviator. Find it on the portal of the famous bookmaker 1Win. Quite a few experts believe that this game in fact and was developed by the bookmaker itself. The fact is that the manufacturer of the simulator Lucky Jet is indicated as a brand such as 1Play, about which there is virtually no information. Therefore, it is very likely that Lucky Jet is nothing but a version of the Aviator, which was remade by this office on its own.

It is worth paying tribute to the design of the slot Lucky Jet. In it, the main character is Lucky Jet, during the flight of which increases the multiplier. Unlike other versions, which can occur in the explosion of the plane, the fate of Lucky Jet is more favorable – when the line of increase breaks, the character “flies away” from the screen.

The disadvantage of the game Lucky Jet is that in it gamblers can not use the demo mode. If we talk about the gameplay, there are practically no differences from the Aviator. As in the original game, the task of the gambler is the timely redemption of the bet.

Just as in the game Aviator, in Lucky Jet user can familiarize himself with the history of the previous rounds, as well as the bets of other players. Very interesting is the fact that the player can see not only the bets made by other users, but also the odds at which they managed to win. A rather convenient option is also an in-game chat. Here gamblers often share their impressions of the game, as well as profitable betting strategies.

Whichever Aviator analog you choose, you should always remember to play responsibly. Distribute your bank correctly and do not give in to excitement – then luck will always be on your side.