5 Reasons Pay Per Head Agents Need a Sportsbook Management Software

It is no secret that a great pay per head service can save you money. In trusting a well-established sportsbook software will not only help your business run smoothly, but it can make your online sportsbook far more profitable than it used to be.

If you aren’t sure a sportsbook management software is needed for your business, these 5 reasons should change your mind.


Having a high-quality support feature is one of the biggest difference between premium sportsbook management software and other, cheaper, options. It isn’t possible for you to make a profit and to hire an entire department dedicated to customer service.

Betting can take place every hour of the day during the year. Which means you need someone that can speak to clients who need help.

A sportsbook management software that can supply support to customers whenever it is needed is an important feature all online bookies need.

Reporting in real-time

Want to know if your online bookie business has made a profit this week? Real-time reporting tools can show you just how your business is performing, where the bets are being placed, and for how much.

It is a valuable tool and bookies who don’t use a pay per head service aren’t able to gain this type of in-depth information quickly.

Not only can you track profits over time, but you can use software tools to pay clients out quickly and easily.

PayPerHead offers 15+ reports on a customizable dashboard, so online bookies can choose what they want to see, and how.

Online visibility

To become a major player online, it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It can also take years to develop an online presence. The important thing about a pay per head service is they have already built up an online presence.

PayPerHead has invested in developing its’ sportsbook management software, which means you don’t have to invest your profits.

Player reporting

A good pay per head service will give you up to the minute information on bettors who are making you money. That isn’t the only important report you need on a regular basis.

Your service should be telling you which players are winning money from you and the wagering tendencies of your bettors.

There is a lot you need to know about the bettors who wager with your sportsbook, and a good pay per head service will keep you informed about all your players. 7

If you aren’t getting player profiles and reports, you are missing out on ways to market and make money.

Better Sportsbook Management

A high-quality pay per head service will allow online bookies to integrate every aspect of the business. By using a fully automated service, online bookies can have a host of tools at their fingertips.

These tools will enable online bookies to simplify the running of their sportsbook.

PayPerHead provides online bookies with the best sportsbook management software available. With great tools provided to online bookies, you can run your business smoothly and see profits rise.

PayPerHead is currently offering their Prime Package, which includes all the features above and sophisticated sportsbook management tools, for just $3 per head. Grow your online business and start making a solid profit.

Join PayPerHead.com today, then call-in to speak to a rep about how online bookies can get the Prime Package for just $3 Per Head.