5 Points to Consider When Choosing the Best Golf Wedges

Besides thousands of hours of practice it takes to become a golf pro, seasoned players know that they have to carry the best golf wedges ever in their golf bags. Ask any Golf Classic winner, and they’ll tell you about the importance of choosing an array of wedges to win.

Here are five things to consider when buying wedges:

1. The Finish

The first thing you need to consider while buying a golf wedge is its finish and the feel it gives. Remember that the wedge may look different while displayed on the store’s shelf, and the look and feel will change while you are on the course. Different head shapes and colours will affect your perception of the ball, which, in turn, will affect your overall game. The next time you buy golf wedges, don’t forget to take a second look.

2. The Bounce

If you want to reduce your golf handicap, you need to be aware of your wedge bounce angle. As most golfers would know, a bounce angle is calculated from the front side of the club’s bottom. Low bounces (ranging from 0 to 10 degrees) are excellent for playing on firm turf or sand and create better contact with the ball and backspin on the ball.

Mid bounce (ranging from 10 to 16 degrees) is excellent for any golf course condition and suits most golfers. They offer a steeper angle of attack while swinging your club.

High bounce (ranging from 16 to 18 degrees) prevents you from digging up the turf while hitting the ball. It adds grace to your game and lets you send the ball sailing across as you gain better control. A high bounce is suitable for players with a steep attack angle.

3. Looks are Deceptive

Never go by the stylish looks of the wedge as it needs to have more power than finesse. While a stylish wedge may be right for a short shot, you need some extra playability to play from a distance. A sturdy wedge will carry the ball a few yards further, which is what you want while faced with a 75-yard shot.

4. Filling the Gap

There’s always a gap between a lob wedge and a pitching wedge, and golfers need to find ways and means to fill this gap. The trick lies in buying an extra wedge or two, like an A or a U wedge, which are more comfortable to use. As the transition from a chunky wedge to a bladed gap wedge is not easy, and an extra wedge in the bag makes things easier.

5. The Number of Wedges

As mentioned at the outset, have three to four wedges in your bag. However, you don’t need to carry clubs that you don’t propose to use at all. Every single club in the bag needs to have a specific function. If you don’t hit full shots with the lob wedge you carry in your bag, you might as well not carry it. When you are sure of the functions, then having the best golf wedges ever makes sense.

Summing it Up

Golfers can become more consistent with a few hours of play every week. However, using the best wedges certainly makes all the difference to the game you play. Hence, make sure you choose your wedges wisely.