6 Tips for Getting Better at Golf

Golf may seem easy on TV, but it’s not in real life. Even golf enthusiasts who have played the game for decades know there are always new ways to improve their game. For beginner golfers, getting better at golf may seem overwhelming or impossible.

If you want to lower your score and improve your game, here are our top tips for improving golf.

Practice with Other Golfers

As the saying suggests, practice makes perfect. There’s a reason why golfers are out on the green every weekend – besides enjoying the peace of the golf course, they’re practicing.

No, the mini putt and the driving range don’t count. You must get on the course and play some practice rounds to improve your game. The reality is that a flat driving range cannot replicate the experience of playing a competitive round of golf, with all its slopes and challenges.

Plus, playing with other golfers in practice rounds can add to the mental experience you cannot get from a driving range.

Practice Alone

If you can’t make it out to the course as often as you’d like to, you can always take time out of your day in the evenings or on your lunch break to practice swing at home. Find an open area and swing away to improve your endurance, flexibility, and technique.

The more you practice, the more you’ll build muscle memory. This will ensure that your mind is relaxed for those critical shots, and you can trust your body to know exactly what to do during your swings. Plus, practice gives you the confidence to excel during big games and tournaments, even if you’re nervous.

Golf Club Trade In Program

I’m unsure if you need more loft or a stiffer shaft on your wedges. I’m not sure if your game is weak because of your clubs. If you don’t want to be a professional fitter, consider testing different clubs by leveraging a golf club trade in program.

A trade-in program allows you to buy top-of-the-line golf equipment at a lower cost and sell your used equipment for cash. This allows you to try out and purchase clubs you might not be able to afford otherwise. You can find the right fit to improve your game without breaking the bank.

You might find that a club swap is just what you need to take a few strokes off your score.

Set Goals

Every time you walk away from a practice round, reflect on your game. What went well? What areas did you struggle with, and where could you improve? Write down missed shots so you can practice your weaknesses.

Once you’ve written down your baseline performance and set goals based on your previous performance, you can create realistic and measurable goals. This is once you know which parts of your game to focus on. For example, you want to avoid blow-up holes to break 90. Alternatively, you might aim to have fewer 3-putts on the fairway off the tee.

These goals will ensure you keep working on your weaknesses with an eye on the prize. At the end of the season, you can compare your benchmark performance to your final performance to see how far you’ve come.

Get Fitted

Having the right equipment can take you a long way to improving your golf game. If it’s available to you and you have the means to do so, consider referring to a professional fitter. A fitter will discuss your swing and measure you to recommend the best clubs for your game.

Take Golfing Lessons

If you’ve been trying to perfect your swing for ages and don’t progress, it might be time to book a golf lesson with a pro at your club. A professional can help you try different techniques and make simple adjustments to improve your accuracy and distance.

Get Fit

Outside of the golf course, there are many things you can do to improve your golf game. Golf is a game of flexibility, strength, and endurance. You can work on these things, so you don’t get too tired and sore by your 15th or 18th hole to play optimally.

Go for regular walks to increase your endurance. Follow a morning or before-bed stretching routine to improve your flexibility. Strength train or lift light weights to strengthen your arm, leg, and core strength.

If you get fit off the golf course, you will surely add power to your drives and accuracy to your swings.