3 Ways Pay Per Head Sportsbook Company Help Bookies

All online bookies must sign up with a pay per head sportsbook company. Bookies that don’t end up losing out numerous advantages that their competitor bookies have.

Although it’s difficult to write down every advantage a pay per head company provides to bookies, it’s easy to get an idea of what those advantages are by thinking about three words:

  • Efficiency
  • Profit
  • Time

How Pay Per Head Sportsbooks Help Bookie

The best way to understand how much a pay per head sportsbook company can mean to a bookmaker is to see how PPH companies help bookies. The best way PPH companies help bookies is to

  1. Make a bookies business more efficient
  2. Help a bookie increase profit
  3. Saves a bookie time.


Efficiency shows up on this list because only publicly traded companies care more about revenue than profit. Companies like Tesla only care about their revenue number.

A privately, individually, owned and run online sportsbook cares about the bottom line. The bottom line, profit, is always more important than the revenue number.

By utilizing a tool like mass editing, bookmakers can ensure that their businesses are efficient.

The dashboard that companies like PayPerHead.com provide ensure efficiency from the moment the bookie first logs on.

Right now, bookies who are looking for a premium pay per head sportsbook company can sign up for PayPerHead’s Prime Package for just $6.50 per head.

That’s premium tools, and the right team that will help bookies become a true success story, for 50% off the original price.

Having access to numerous reports and being able to provide a side-by-side comparison also leads to efficiency.


The name of the game is profit. Again, start-up companies that are looking for Silicon Valley investment dollars mustn’t worry about profit.

They worry about revenue. As revenues rise, they encourage more investment.

That’s not the case with an online bookie that must make a profit every month. If an online bookie can’t make a profit, the online bookie must not lose money.

What’s profit? Profit is simply the money left over after a company pays all its obligations.

Tools like the layoff account helps to protect profit. A tool like the schedule limit override could help increase profit.

All promotional ideas found on articles on pay per head sites like PayPerHead.com also help to increase profit.


We never have enough of it. At least, that’s what we believe. In the online sportsbook world, time most definitely is money. There’s no other way to get around it.

 If a bookmaker doesn’t understand that, they’re dead in the water.

The reason is because bookmakers must always be aware of when things change.

The huge odds change on the Virginia Cavaliers to win the NCAA Men’s College Basketball tournament happened within hours after first odds were released.

If a pay per head agent had already had max betting limits in place, that bookie could have prevented taking bets on Virginia at +600 instead of at +500.

Then, that bookie could have lifted the max betting limit and allowed wagers at the lower odds.