2007 Super Bowl Predictions

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2007 Super Bowl Predictions
by Jerbeek of Ultimatecapper.com

I know it is only June, but is it ever too early to think aboutfootball? Let’s look ahead and make a prediction on who will beplaying in Super Bowl XLI in Miami on February 4, 2007. Of coursewe would all like to think this is the year our favorite teamwill win it all but is that realistic? To make this predictionI will use the total wins as predicted by looking at the over/underwin totals in each conference to determine who will have the bestrecords.


NFC East Champion – Dallas (9.5 wins)
NFC North Champion – Chicago (9 wins)
NFC South Champion – Carolina (10 wins)
NFC West Champion – Seattle (10.5 wins)
Wildcard Teams – NY Giants (9 wins) and Washington (9)

AFC East Champion – New England (10.5 wins)
AFC North Champion – Pittsburgh (10.5 wins)
AFC South Champion – Indianapolis (11.5 wins)
AFC West Champion – Denver (10 wins)
Wildcard Teams – Jacksonville (9.5 wins) and Kansas City (9.5)

Now that we have our playoff teams, we’ll match’em up:

Round 1
NY Giants at Chicago – Chicago will have the home field advantage so we will advance the Bears to round 2.

Washington at Dallas – This is a great rivalry game, let’s say that Dallas has a little too much for the Redskins with the addition of Terrell Owens (assuming he has not been suspended).

Kansas City at New England – Here we have the Chiefs with new coach conservative Herm. As much as I will be rooting for the Chiefs, I can’t go against Brady at home.

Jacksonville at Denver – The Jaguars are an up and coming team and I need an underdog to advance on to round 2 so we will go with Jacksonville to upset the Broncos.

Round 2
Chicago at Seattle – I don’t think the Bears have enough offense to win on the road.

Dallas at Carolina – Panthers are well coached and always ready for the playoffs so we will advance them.

Jacksonville at Indianapolis – The Jaguars defense seem to have the blueprint for success against Manning; however, I think this is Peyton’s year so we will advance the Colts in a squeaker. In this matchup I would definitely advise a wager on the underdog plus the points!

New England at Pittsburgh – The defending champs against the Patriots who are looking to get back on top. It is just too hard to repeat as champs and we need an underdog to advance so let’s move the Patriots on to the AFC Championship.

NFC Championship
Carolina at Seattle – A rematch of last year’s NFC Championship. Once again the Seahawks advance to the Super Bowl.

New England at Indianapolis – The Colts have been waiting to get the Patriots at home in the playoffs. The Colts signing of Adam Vinateri pays off as he hits a game winning field goal to advance the Colts to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLI
Seattle vs Indianapolis – I said before that I think this is Peyton’s year. I see the Colts as the best overall team with an improving defense and I think this is the year that they win it all.

Based on the above happening, here are my wagers for the Super Bowl winner:

Indianapolis +605 – wagering 2 units to win 12.1 units
Seattle +1245 – wagering 1 unit to win 12.45 units

Best of luck to you and your picks!


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