NCAA Tournament Betting Tips – 2006

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by Bob Acton of Sportingbet USA – now –

February 22, 2006 (New York, NY) – I thought I would take alook at the “futures odds” being offered presently at Bet Now at value can be had by those who get in line early if you know whatI mean.

With so much activity going on these days in the world of sports,most bettors are focused on the immediate action and are not inclinedto part with their money, on an event that is still weeks away.I tend to act in the opposite fashion as was evident in 2005 whenI urged you to grab the Chicago White Sox at 9-1 in April. Mosthandicappers would have disagreed with me then, but several willnod in approval when I suggest you run not walk to your computerand plunk down some cabbage on the Connecticut Huskies at 4-1.

The college basketball season is a long and draining affairand we must remember that several of these players are studentathletes, although I do say that tongue in cheek, as the graduationrate for basketball players is still appalling. Regardless ofthis issue, depth on a college team is a huge key in the tournamentand no one can match the Huskies in this department.

Coach Jim Calhoun has the ability to send out a plethora oflethal combinations and Connecticut eventually wears down theiropponent. While they have a fantastic quarterback directing theirattack in Marcus Williams, their strength lies down in the postin Josh Boone and Hilton Armstrong. As long as the Huskies poundaway they are the best team in the country with sharp shootingRudy Gay and major experience in seniors Denham Brown and RashadAnderson.

You can talk all you want about the dynamic ACC, but the “Beastof March Madness lives in the East.”

Sentimental bettors may want to have a look at the Texas Longhornswho are presently listed at America’s favorite sportsbook ( Sportingbet USA – now – )at 8-1. No university in the history of the NCAA as ever won nationalchampionships in both football and basketball in the same schoolyear. Coach Rick Barnes may look back at the pummeling they tookin Stillwater Oklahoma on February 19th as a blessing in disguise,as losing your focus and not playing with a one game at a timeattitude, can be a recipe for disaster.

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