2005 MLB Playoffs Betting

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By Bob Acton of Sportingbet USA – now SuperBook.com –

You know that familiar scene we get to witness every year, wheretwo teams do battle to decide the champion of the regular season,well we got to see it play out twice in two days in the same ballyard!

New York and Boston enter the weekend series with a chance towin the AL East, a chance to secure the wild card spot in theplayoffs, or a chance to take a seat looking outside in beginningthis week.

The Yankees struck pay dirt first on Saturday when megabucksRandy Johnson and his millionaire row cast of characters, defeatedthe stunned defending World Series champions. The Yankees havehad to fight through all kinds of adversity this season, especiallyon the mound where Kevin Brown and Jaret Wright led several playersto the infirmary for extended periods.

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In the end though the Big Unit delivered anda player who could have played in any era, Gary Sheffield bandagedhimself up for another October battle. Regardless of the $208million payroll, the Yankees must be applauded for their intestinalfortitude.

The Red Sox meanwhile found themselves in a bitof a pickle as the lead they had held all season in first placewas gone and they were in a must win Sunday, to secure the finalplayoff spot. In the end though the guys who get paid the bigbucks delivered as Ramirez was sizzling down the stretch and Ortizhas put up MVP numbers to rival A Rod.

The Red Sox had their chance On Sunday afternoonto prance around the Fenway turf and that made it twice in lessthen twenty four hours that a team celebrated their making itto party beginning Tuesday.

Now the games come down to pitching and it willbe interesting to see it the Red Sox can handle the very goodWhite Sox pitching. Former Yankee Jose Contreras will get theball in the opening game and he will face former Cub Matt Clement.

Clement is certainly no stranger to the windycity as he began his career on the North side at Wrigley Fieldwith the Cubs. The Yankees will be up against it on the road asthe Angels have a plethora of starters with post season experience.

The Ultimatecapper Picks to Win: Red Sox to knock off Chicago and the Angels to upset the Yankees!

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