College Football Bowl Predictions

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College Football Bowl Picks and Predictions
by Kevin of

The BCS college bowl games are quickly approaching and it’stime to lock and load! Let’s take a look at a few things thatmay help prevent you from paying the bookie this year.

One should keep in mind that the odddsmakers know that a tonof sports bettors are going to be getting down on these games.That means inflated lines. Why you ask? Most people, especiallyinexperienced bettors, like to bet on favorites and overs in bignationally televised games. This is a great way to lose your bankrollas with the inflated lines your “playing uphill.”

Now don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that some favoriteswon’t win. In fact they could very easily dominate the whole bowlseason although it’s unlikely. You can’t approach a game as amust win situation. All forms of sports gambling must be donewith the thought in mind that you are going to nail down a winningpercentage of 52.4% or better to guarantee yourself a profit.Any favorite or underdog can win on any given day, hell, that’swhy they play the game!

By the way, if your looking to bet college bowl gameshere’s a short list of some great places, especially for novicebettors.

Bdg – Allows you to sign up for an account and deposit using yourchecking account. It’s instant and they’ll give you a free 10%bonus for doing so!

If you need to use a credit card to deposit, MySportsbook is a great place to use. They too offer a 10% sign up bonus.

Ok, with all that being said, let’s get to thepicks and predictions!

We like the Minnesota Golden Gophers to cover as a favorite againstthe Virginia Cavaliers. Minnesota has an unbelievable offenseline lead by their star studded center and have only given up3 sacks this year. Pair that up with a run game powered by Maroneyand a Virginia team that hasn’t exactly been knocking them deador getting into the end zone much lately we’re gonna lay the pointshere despite not being a fan of betting favorites in bowl games.If your going to bet this, get it quick as it may hit 7 or surpassthat key number soon.

In the LSU/Miami match up we like LSU and the points. The mediais blowing the quarterback being out way out of proportion. How’sthis for news: Memo to Miami, you aren’t gonna score much becausethis LSU defense is flat nasty. Their backup quarterback narrowlymissed being the starter this year as well so it doesn’t worryus a bit. Nothing like having the better defense and getting pointsin a bowl game! Take the +7 before it drops as we forecast thatit will indeed move down before gametime.

In the South Florida/NC State game we again like the dog here.Grab the points, the line is dropping like a rock. NC State isoverrated and on the flip side South Florida may even be the betterteam.

In another New Year’s Eve game we like Tulsa getting points vs.Fresno State. Fresno State is a GREAT home team. Not the samestory on the road. They have NO business laying more than a touchdownto Tulsa. Fresno State has been reeling with injuries this yearotherwise this may be a no play. Don’t be surprised if Tulsa winsstraight up.

Im a bit embarassed to say this but I’m blindly taking Iowa againstFlorida based on the fact that a sharp buddy of mine is on them.Im happy to see the line moving towards Iowa as well so he isdefinitely onto something. This friend is connected to peoplewho bet very large amounts of money and are very sharp handicappers.I recommend that you get a little piece too before it goes toa pickem or worse.

In a gutless attempt to have action on the big game (Rose Bowl)and liking USC but being too chicken to lay the points vs. a decentTexas team that you never know what their going to do, I haveselected the moneyline as my play here along with tying it intosome 7 point teasers to bring them to -1/2. No balls no glorybut I’m trying to protect my bankroll here!

Call me nuts but I believe this USC team is oneof the best college football teams ever to take the field. Weall know that Reggie Bush is a stud but look a little furtherand you’ll see a super strong offensive line. Line play wins gamesfellas. I look forward to seeing him visit the endzone a coupletimes and for USC to get away with a win. Ironically, I can’tconfidently say that they’ll cover the 7. Gotta go with my guthere.

Hey, it’s been a great year this year. Thanksfor visiting the site, make sure to bookmark us and don’t forgetthat we’re not just here for football. We write and post informationabout ALL SPORTS all year long.

Best of luck in your action and don’t forgetto stop and take a breather to realize that “these are the goodold days.”

Take care!


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