Wild Looking to Hang on against Jets – Preview and Prediction

The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are going fast this year and if you still have not jumped in for this; then don’t put it off any longer. Call your best bookie, your favorite online sportsbook and get the money in. This season of playoffs has been good, really good and the matchups are getting better night after night.

Tonight is actually unique in the fact that all three games are elimination possible. There is bound to be some twists and turns that nobody expects and more than a few surprise as we head down the home stretch of this first round.

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Hockey is one of those sports that the entire world loves to watch it is somewhat like soccer; a worldwide phenomenon. The NHL has changed a lot over the recent years. Back in the 90’s, hockey was a defensive sport that did not see a lot of scoring but featured great goal keepers such as Roy and Vanbiesbrouck. Those were the days when 1-0 or even no score at the end of three periods was common and shootouts were practically an everyday occurrence.

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Minnesota Wild vs. Winnipeg Jets

The Jets are famous for folding when they have a 3-1 or 3-0 series lead. This club was backdoor swept by the Oilers in 1990 and then in 1992 they blew a three game lead to the Canucks in 1992. Don’t count on anything to happen like that in these playoffs. The Jets are a better team than Minnesota and there is no doubt about this teams heart, endurance and ability. The Wild have no shot in this series and if they want to win another game, then they better put up a better effort on both ends of the ice. Minnesota has a golden opportunity to take advantage of the fact that several starters for the Jets are out; they had better capitalize and tonight is their last shot.

The Jets want and expect to take care of business tonight but they need to get it done without a few key players. Josh Morrissey is suspended for tonight’s game for the cross check on the face of Eric Staal. Considering that Toby Enstrom, who has been out for several weeks with a bad ankle; Dmitri Kulikov, who had back surgery in March; and Tyler Myers, who was hurt in Game 3, keeping all of this in mind; the Jets are still the better team.

“It doesn’t really cross my mind,” Bryan Little told The Winnipeg Sun after practice Thursday. “It’s going to take a lot more for us to get nervous about that.”

The Wild have a lot of work to do in a very short time and it simply can’t be done in this series. Great NHL players are a dime a dozen but great teams with heart only come along every decade or so.

The Jets have the heart, they have the talent and the have the patience. This game is going to be fun every step of the way but at the end of the day, the Jets are the better hockey club and you can count on them to come out with their game face on.

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This game is going to be a fun on with some big hits and it very well could climb over the total. Be sure to check the latest lines and odds and get the money in for this game. The Jets are a winner and offer value at home.

Prediction: Jets Money Line