Where Can I Find the Top Ranked PPH Companies?

You need a pay per head (PPH) to quickly and efficiently launch a sportsbook on a budget.

There are dozens of PPH companies fighting for your business. That’s good news because it means these companies are going to offer competitive packages to compete with the rest of the industry.

To find the best PPH companies, you have several options.

Finding the Best Pay Per Head Company

Here are several ways you can perform your own research to find the top-ranked pay per head.

  • PPH Reviews: Numerous websites have PPH reviews explaining the pros, cons and features of every company. While some may be biased, you can gain a general idea on how reputable a PPH service is based on reading multiple reviews from different publications.

By reading through some PPH reviews, you can quickly narrow your search down. You’ll have a list of the top three or top five PPH companies, which you will now need to research further.

  • Forums: There are several forums where bookies congregate. Use the search feature at the various online gambling forums to search for opinions on PPH companies on your short list.
  • Social Media: Spend some time checking out the social profiles for a PPH company. You may not find many reviews of the service, but you’ll find any potential complaints. One of the first places someone goes to complain nowadays is on social media (Facebook or Twitter).
  • Search Engines: What PPH sites are ranking at the top of Google? A lot of SEO work goes into ranking at the top of search engine rankings, so the top companies are often the best.
  • Contact PPH Bookies: It’s often easy to tell if an online bookie is using PPH software. Spend a weekend contacting some of the top-ranked bookies to find out what they’re using. You’d be surprised how helpful most online bookies are. Plus, making contacts is always great.

Utilize Our Expertise

We’ve been in the industry a long time and have a great handle on the best PPH companies.

There’s a lot that goes into being the best. It goes a lot further than simply offering software. The top companies have all of the latest features, which increases your chances of making profit.

They also have huge teams to handle all of the tasks, such as managing the odds, grading bets, providing customer service and more. There are only a handful of PPH sites we’d recommend.

So, what’s the top-ranked PPH company?

  • PayPerHead247: In business for nearly two decades, PPH247 has a great reputation with bookies for offering an all-in-one solution filled with the latest features.

Not only does PayPerHead247 check all of the important boxes, but they’re the same price as most PPH companies. In fact, they’re even cheaper than some of the other top dogs in the industry.

The price is only $10/head and there’s a lengthy four-week free trial offer available.

Get started today with the top-ranked pay per head company to launch your business the right way. You’ll be glad you did, as you won’t have to worry about ever switching PPH companies.

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