What Are Sports Betting Picks?

Sports betting picks

If you are an avid sports bettor, you’ve undoubtedly run into ads on professional handicapper services or sports betting picks services. In essence, they offer predictions on specific games and events, usually for a fee.

But are they worth it if you worry about proper bankroll management in your betting endeavors? Do they even work? And if they do, how do they work? There are so many questions here, and in this guide, we’ll attempt to give you satisfactory answers to all of them. So let’s jump right in and learn if these expert picks can suit your betting style.

Types of Sports Betting Picks

Just as there are many types of bets you can place on sporting events – you can also get many types of sports betting picks from handicappers. Let’s take a look at the main ones you need to know about.

Single Bets

As these are the most basic type of bets, single bets picks are some of the main ones handicappers make. You also have the biggest chances of winning with them, but the betting odds are the lowest, and so are the potential wins.


Parlays are effectively combined bets or, in other words, a single betting slip with two or more different wagers. These bets bring the highest wins as the odds are multiplied, but you still have to win every single wager to win the whole slip. Parlay picks consequently have lower chances of occurring but are still better than the picks bettors usually make on their own.

Remember, parlay bets can combine wagers on different sports and matches, including college football, horse racing, the English Premier League, or something else entirely.


A teaser is a subcategory of parlay bets where you get to move the odds to your favor by choosing a lower payout. Teaser picks can be pretty lucrative if made by expert handicappers.

Same-Game Parlays

Same-game parlays are precisely what the name implies – parlays with bets on the same game. Many types of wagers can be used here, including totals and prop bets, and picks for these bets always reflect that.

What Is a Picks Service?

A picks service is a professional handicapper company that offers sports picks for a specific fee. This is usually a subscription fee in exchange for which you get daily, weekly, or yearly picks.

Picks services usually offer picks on all sports and tournaments, especially major sports like the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MMA, Nascar, and many others.

How Do Sports Picks Sites Work?

It’s pretty simple. These sites usually employ expert bettors who are very adept at making winning bets more often than the regular bettor. The experts use their personal opinions to make the picks and base those opinions on statistical models and careful analysis of other experts.

The sports picks site then offers these betting tips and picks in exchange for a fee.

How to Use a Professional Betting Picks Service

It depends on what you need and how you want to use this service. You can only bet using their picks, bet using some of their own picks in combination with your own, or simply pay for their best picks on specific occasions. All in all, it’s entirely up to you.

What Sports Can You Find Betting Picks for?

Simply put – all of them. If you search long enough, you’re likely to find the best bets for today on any sport, as there is almost always a professional betting picks service that deals with that sport.

Naturally, some sports are more often covered than others, so expect to easily find great picks for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college football, college basketball, soccer, horse racing, rugby, tennis, golf, and several others.

Do You Need the Help of a Professional Handicapper?

Do you want the convenience of not having to do the research on your own when determining what bet to place?

If the answer is positive, then the service of a professional handicapper is something you could use.

What Is a Professional Sports Betting Handicapper?

A professional sports betting handicapper is a service offered by a person or a group of people who study wagers on sports and sporting events in general. They are effectively sports experts who can be better at predicting how games will end than others. If you believe or have tested their picks and found them to be more right than wrong, then it’s a service you should get.

Available Subscription Packages

The available subscription packages depend on the service you find, but you’ll usually find a wide range of options for most good services.

These subscription packages will typically cover a specific number of days during which you’ll get picks and the specific sports they cover. You could also get the chance to choose between a beginner package and an advanced package.

Where Are the Best Picks and Bets for Today?

You can choose a wide range of great betting picks on the web, but you can only get the best free sports picks on our site – Ultimatecapper.com. Furthermore, you can get the best daily online sports betting tips from experts on takebet.com.

Sports Betting Picks FAQ

Can Picks Be Trusted?

Anyone on the Internet can hand out picks, but that doesn’t mean they should be trusted. Thankfully, as long as those picks come with stats and sound reasoning behind them, you can trust them. However, you still need to use these picks to back up your initial thoughts, not as gospel.

How Do I Pick a Winning Bet?

There’s no surefire way of picking a winning bet. The best thing you can do is follow the sport, games, players, and so much more. The goal is to be as informed as you can to make the best predictions possible. Or you can get sports betting picks from professionals who do those things for you.

Is It Worth It to Buy Sports Picks?

If you’re investing small amounts only, then it’s probably not worth it to buy sports picks. You need to consider how much you’re betting and how much the picks cost to determine if they are cost-effective for you.

Should You Pay for Picks?

If you can cover the costs of the picks and make a profit, then yes, you should pay for them. However, you also need to ensure the service you’ve chosen is good at making accurate predictions.

Where Can I Get Free Bet Picks?

You can get them at many sites. But you still need to ensure you find an excellent free bet picks website that’s known for making good predictions, like Ultimatecapper.com.

What Makes a Great Free Sports Pick?

Many factors go into determining how good a free sports betting picks service is. However, the most important factor is the accuracy of their picks. It’s simple, if the service offers a lot of selections that turn out to be accurate, then it’s undoubtedly a great solution for you or any other bettor.

Naturally, it still matters that they have years of experience behind them and an outstanding online reputation.

Why Utilize Expert Free Picks?

It’s simple, really. If you want to win on a more consistent basis – you need to do the research and become a true expert in the sports you’re betting on. And if you can’t or don’t have time for that, free betting picks are the way to go.

Are Sports Betting Picks Usually Free?

Some services and websites will charge you for their picks, but many, like the ones you get from Ultimatecapper.com, will be free.