Mike Ivcic’s Week 9 NFL Preview and Free Picks

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By Mike Ivcic, UltimateCapper Contributing Writer


Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers
Sun, 1pm, FOX
Line: Panthers by 7.5
The Falcons haven’t looked good at all, while the Panthers are surging towards a possible playoff berth. That typically means this game will go one of two ways – Carolina wins and covers, or Atlanta wins outright. I have absolutely no confidence that the latter can happen, so I’m taking the former.
Pick: Carolina 31, Atlanta 17

Kansas City Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills
Sun, 1pm, CBS

Minnesota Vikings @ Dallas Cowboys
Sun, 1pm, FOX
Line: Cowboys by 10
This just screams “frustration game” for Dallas. What, you ask, is a “frustration game?” Well, remember how you’d get yelled at as a kid by your parents or a teacher for doing something wrong, so you’d find an outlet and just unleash that anger and frustration on something (or, sometimes unfortunately, someone) that really didn’t deserve it? The kid is the Cowboys, and the unfortunate recipient of the misplaced anger over the loss to the Lions last week is whichever poor soul is thrown under center for the Minnesota Vikings.
Pick: Dallas 38, Minnesota 17

New Orleans Saints @ New York Jets
Sun, 1pm, FOX
Line: Saints by 6
Follow the script, follow the script, follow the script…
Pick: New Orleans 34, New York 13


San Diego Chargers @ Washington Redskins
Sun, 1pm, CBS

Tennessee Titans @ St. Louis Rams
Sun, 1pm, CBS
Line: Titans by 3
Jeff Fisher gets to coach against his old team. Everyone outside of Nashville and St. Louis yawns.
Pick: Tennessee 20, St. Louis 16

Philadelphia Eagles @ Oakland Raiders
Sun, 4:05pm, FOX
Line: Raiders by 2.5
The Eagles may not have looked good recently, but never fear Philly fans – your team is on the road this week! They have a chance! They are, however, 0-3 against the AFC West this year, and I can’t bring myself to come to any conclusion other than “0-4” when this one wraps up. That’s what happens when there’s uncertainty at the QB position.
Pick: Oakland 17, Philadelphia 13


Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Seattle Seahawks
Sun, 4:05pm, FOX
Line: Seahawks by 16
Seattle is unbeaten at home and unbeaten in the conference. I don’t think either of those two records are on the line here. The only real question is if they can cover a 16-point spread against Mike Glennon and the Bucs offense.

No, you’re right, that’s not a question either.
Pick: Seattle 33, Tampa Bay 6

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns
Sun, 4:25pm,

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New England Patriots
Sun, 4:25pm,

Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans
Sun, 8:30pm, NBC

Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers
Mon, 8:30pm, ESPN
Line: Packers by 10.5
Clearly, Vegas has zero respect for Josh McCown, so much so that a 4-3 Bears team is giving double digits to the Packers. The problem won’t be McCown, however, it will be the Chicago defense that is 25th against the run and 27th against the pass. Defense has always been the hallmark of the really good Bears teams, and without Jay Cutler for an extended period of time Mark Trestman’s team will need that unit to vastly improve their play virtually overnight, and that’s really not a reasonable expectation to have against one of the league’s premier QB’s.
Pick: Green Bay 34, Chicago 15

Straight-Up: 77-44
Against Spread: 59-60-2


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