Unbeatable Records In Soccer History

There are so many incredible things that take place in soccer matches. Although there are things like these, there are also things that take place that are in the records. Things that have never happened and things that are not easily redone. Some believe that records are meant to be broken, but there are just some records meant to stand forever and just be immortal. Here is a list of soccer records that people still don’t believe can happen without supernatural powers.

Longest Goal

Whenever a team scores there is so much excitement that both players and the fans get just like winning best sports betting games for real money. It is normal to score and we have seen unique scores in the past years. However, the score made by Asmir Begovich was an extraordinary one. This goalkeeper scored the longest goal that traveled 97.5 yards from his penalty area to the opponent’s goal.

Longest Headed Goal

The longest goal of all time can be a shocking record but how about the longest headed goal. Jone Samuelsen managed to redirect a header in the other direction bouncing into the net and therefore securing a win. This event happened in 2011 the header was measured over 58 meters.

Most Hat Tricks

Scoring a few hat tricks in one’s career seems to be a difficult thing to do. But some just do it for fun or for winnings at golden riviera casino that is what Pele the Brazilian legend did. Pele holds the title fo the most career hat tricks for a player. He has a total of 92 hat tricks in his career and that is not the only fun part but the fact that it was easy for him and he could even do it just for fun.

Most Scores By A Goal Keeper

Goal keepers are known to be one-dimensional players. Their only job is to just is to keep the ball out of the net. it becomes something extraordinary when a goalkeeper starts scoring. That is the case with Rogerio Ceni a Brazilian goalkeeper who holds the record for most scores by a goalkeeper. He has 131 scores in his entire career.