Tips & Tricks When Betting on Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) Matches

Over the years, the hype around Esport has reached its summit, as it is continuing to attract multitudes. Currently, up to 5000 professionals compete for the coveted prize in the Esport tournaments, which have also hit new records for cash prizes. Never has prize money reached over $15 million. Electronic sport, especially CS: GO, is flourishing.

CS: GO tournaments bring together a whole community of gamers that receive rewards for their skills. Those who can battle it out in the many levels provided by the game take home the bragging rights alongside a consignment of prizes. Another way to make the most of CS: GO gaming is via csgo gambling,  which is more consistent in terms of available competition.

Betting in CS: GO is like other online games such as ESEA and ESL, which require a player to rank higher in a table.

CS: Go Tournaments

At the top of the list are the grand slam tournaments, which provide an opportunity for the winner to walk away with about $1 million in cash prize. Intel offers the prize money, which provides some resources to officiate and facilitate the competition. The blast pro series comes in second, a game that is a cycling tournament. It has twists and turns, but the prize money makes it worthwhile to learn and compete.

A popular class of CS: GO tournaments are those with outside support from gaming players like Valve, who help gauge the level of different gamers at the competitions. After Valve tournaments, players go into two pots that separate the A-tiers and the S-tiers.

A common factor in the entirety of CS: GO tournaments is that they provide the right experience and confidence to place a bet in CS: GO for more rewards. Taking part in the tournaments gives a player a feel of the action that is key in morale building.

Betting in CS: GO

As written above, CS: GO has many tournaments, which are a bonus in providing a player with the much-needed confidence to place their bets. Betting is riskier and involves more emotion because money is involved. Here are some tips to consider in any CS: GO betting mode:

Being Rational when Placing Bets

The thrill of more money can get into the head of a beginner, blinding them to the fact that bets usually have a low chance of bringing back massive profits. Discipline at the start of the betting journey is the difference in getting the most out of a gaming undertaking.

Losing big at the start discourages a player to keep going. However, making small wins while learning how betting works makes betting in CS: GO interesting and sustainable.

Team Selection

Expert gamers can usually get returns when picking any team randomly. Their skills allow them to do this. Regardless, a close analysis of most experts will show that they have a sort of bias when selecting the perfect team to steer them i n a CS: GO tournament. A point to note is that some of them will switch their team when on another gaming mode.

For newbies, it is paramount to have all the data and facts before selecting a team. Facts are important because the odds and other betting information found online might have some biases. Understanding how a team has performed in previous games and its head-to-head performance with other teams makes it easier to pick the right one when starting.


CS: GO matches take place in different settings, meaning maps for each mode differ. Knowing each map helps a lot, especially for a person new to the betting world. In addition, knowing how different teams perform on each map is a bonus. Sometimes, winning depends on the team selected and the map the team will follow. Getting both rights can be the final ingredient to having better returns in CS: GO betting.

Final Remarks

Starting CS: GO betting can be overwhelming for beginners. At first, it is often difficult to pick out the right teams and the correct maps that are perfect for better returns. However, with a bit of experience in other CS: GO game modes and discipline, all that can change.