Things to Prioritize When Betting NFL Win Totals

There are a number of things to prioritize when betting NFL win totals.

Key Points

– Betting NFL win totals takes some research.

– A number of factors go into betting NFL win totals.

Betting NFL Win Totals

Every March, the NFL actually starts a new season. The league will make its whole regular season schedule public in May. The NFL victory totals markets at bookmakers open as soon as the schedule is revealed.

A futures wager can be made on a team to go Over or Under its predicted win total. Sportsbooks nearly always display win totals in increments of 0.5. This means they set their totals at 7.5, 8.5, etc. to prevent a ‘push.’

A push occurs in this case when you have a win total set at 9, for example, and a team wins exactly 9 games. In order to avoid this, sportsbooks usually always use increments of 0.5. It’s one of the concepts in this category that gamblers should be aware of.

A tutorial to betting on NFL victory totals is provided here.


Examining the Offseason

Before estimating how many games a club might win in the upcoming season, bettors should consider what a team did throughout the offseason. Some players are traded, some retire, and some become free agents. Each of these trades has an impact on at least one roster, and frequently more.

One quarterback might be the difference between a certain squad and a Super Bowl contender. They make a move in the off-season for only that essential component. That alters the course of the upcoming season entirely.

The NFL draft is a crucial offseason event that completes the picture. It occurs in late April, typically on the last weekend of the month. Each year, a few impact rookies have a significant impact on how a club performs in the upcoming campaign.

Rookie quarterbacks may make a significant difference in either direction. There is Mac Jones, for example, who led the New England Patriots to the postseason in his first season as the starting quarterback for the team. Other rookie quarterbacks might not be as fortunate.

Betting NFL Win Totals – On the Rise?

There are a few teams that consistently succeed; the Patriots and Packers spring to mind. As good as those teams have been, they still might have a bad year and miss out on the NFL playoffs.

Knowing a team’s standing in the overall scheme of things is crucial when placing NFL win total wagers. The Buffalo Bills were one of the top NFL teams in the 1990s. Recall that they participated in four consecutive Super Bowls.

Buffalo eventually suffered for a long time after. More recently, the Bills have rebuilt under the leadership of head coach Sean McDermott and turned things around. Bettors may compare the current Bills to the 49ers from the late 1970s. They were terrible, but after Bill Walsh took charge, he gradually turned the team into a champion.

When placing an NFL win totals wager, do your homework and ascertain a franchise’s current state. Is it on the rise? Is the team rebuilding? In 2017, the Jacksonville Jaguars competed for the AFC title. The Jags picked up just one victory three years later.

Analyze the Schedule

When determining how to handicap NFL win totals, a team’s schedule is the main factor that bettors will consider. The league releases each team’s regular season schedule in May.

It also helps to comprehend how the NFL league schedule is created. The fact that teams now play 17 games instead of the 16 they played up to 2020 is significant. Each team plays the other three teams in its division twice, both at home and away. Out of the 17 games, that is six right there.

The Green Bay Packers, for instance, will face Chicago, Detroit, and Minnesota twice each during the course of the season. There will be two games—one at home and one away. If the Packers’ NFC North division is very poor in a given year, Green Bay might be picked to win all six games.

The next portion of the schedule consists of games against every team in a conference division. For instance, Green Bay might compete against the NFC East. Therefore, there will be contests with Dallas, the New York Giants, Philadelphia, and Washington.

The teams then compete against all the teams in a division from the other conference. In Green Bay’s instance, they may face every AFC East opponent. The Packers’ schedule would include contests against the Patriots, Bills, Dolphins, Jets, and Dolphins.

Preparing for the NFL win totals category can be aided by knowing which divisions a team will compete against in a given season.

Find the Best Lines When Betting NFL Win Totals

Everyone who bets should be looking around for the best lines. Shopping around for the greatest deal can mean the difference between a nice payout and a spectacular payoff when betting on NFL victory totals.

Finding the same wager at a better price will simply improve the bettor’s return. For example, let’s say the Packers win total is 11.5.

If you like the Over and see it offered at +105, shopping around might allow you to find the same bet at +115. Line shopping is the easiest strategy to help you win more bets. That is an extra $15 on a $100 bet.