Things Bookies Should Know about Sports Betting that Players Shouldn’t

There is a lot more money to be made as a bookie than you may think, and we want to throw a few tips your way. We have been in your shoes and we understand exactly where you come from daily. We all have a couple of things in common, we have both been gamblers and we have both been bookies. This puts us on the same page. Understanding your players and how they think is vital to your bottom line. Once you understand what they want, then you must position yourself to give them what they want. The great thing about this; there is nothing hard or expensive about it. You can give your players what they want and give it to them at very little cost to you. The even better news, by the time you have paid the little cost to give your players what they want, you will have earned a small fortune back and the best pph service.

  1. The Casino: Take your focus off the sportsbook for a moment s and think about the next best thing, the casino. Players love the casino, they are gamblers first, not sports gamblers first – gamblers. This means they will gamble on anything they think will win money. They want money, they want your money and that’s good news. If they want your money, they will keep trying to beat you. There isn’t a better way in all of gambling, to beat your clients, than in the casino. The casino is your cash cow. This thing literally prints money and you will know it as soon as you are open for business. Clients come running to the casino. They love the slots, they love the table games and they love the live-action, with live dealers. Now you can have a fantastic casino for around $7 per head, per week, with a pay per head.
  2. What is a Pay Per Head? Better known as a PPH, the pay per head is a bookie software provider that places your bookie business online. They do everything for you, they act as the bookie, they are in essence, the bookie. You basically do nothing. What you do is read on-demand financial and player reports that are free of charge. Think of the many duties you have as a bookie, let’s talk about a few of them.
  3. Bookie Duties, the Day to Day Stuff: A bookie’s job is never-ending. There is no rest in this gig. What you must do daily is set the days events, set the daily lines and odds and you must present all of this to your clients in a neat and orderly fashion or have a photographic memory as well as be a highly experienced line mover/oddsmaker. You probably possess neither of these skills. Most local bookies don’t. There is no shame in not having these skills. There is shame in not seeking help. Get help with these tasks. Why not? You can for around $7 per head, per week.
  4. More Bookie Duties: Accepting wagers over the phone from your clients or beating the daily trail to the local pub where your clients tend to hang out. Why keep battling this? Take them online, make them feel like they are betting with the largest online sportsbook in the industry. Your custom-built sportsbook will have this feeling and the PPH offers this service for free. The PPH will custom build your site within a day or two, you have access to a address and now your clients can gamble against you 24/7. For the best pph sportsbooks, click here

We are in changing times. The casino is a great way to combat any losses that you may potentially encounter from the sportsbook. The great thing, players are still playing, and they are playing online now more than ever. Now is the time to find the best deals from the best PPH providers online. They will set you up with a free trial and often that trial is for 30-days. You get the full-working version and you can start earning huge money today. You should be earning six-figures, you shouldn’t be working hard, you MUST be working smarter. Make the call today.

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