The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Best Online Casino Games

There is a lot of advice out there on gambling. The mass of information on the internet on online gambling is amazing. Some of it is really great advice and the strategies described really work. However there is some information out there that is just wrong. The authors might have intentionally meant to misguide gamblers or they were genuinely didn’t know they were paddling bad advice. Whatever the case, many gullible gamblers have fallen for this misinformation in their pursuit to win real money jackpots online. For more information about online casino tips, visit Online Casino Australia – Top Australian Online Casinos 2017. For the sake of brevity we shall only discuss the worst advice we’ve ever heard about best online casino games.

The absolute worst advice we’ve ever heard about best online casino games is the faster you play, the more likely you are to win. This advice goes against an open declaration by casino game developers and the casino operators. Both the game makers and casino operators publish return to player statistics for the games.

The return to player figure is the amount of money that a game returns to a player as winnings in the long run. For most games this figure is between 90% and 95%. This means in the long term the house will win since only a fraction of the amount bet can actually be won.

Therefore the faster you play, the more times you bet in a single session. The more times you bet the higher the probability of you getting an overall loss. It is actually more advisable to play slower. By playing slower, the player shifts the odds in their favour. Even if it is only by a small margin.

There are strategies like the Martingale strategy for games like roulette and card counting for blackjack. These techniques help to improve the chances of a player getting a win. Remember each of the strategies requires a lot of practice. You do not become a professional gambler overnight.