Divisional Playoffs Staff Selections – Top Plays 66% Last Week!

We didn’t see any surprises in the first round of the playoffs as the home teams won and covered all four Wild Card games last weekend and Reggie Garrett connected on all four. The games this week get even harder as we are down to the final eight for the race to the Super Bowl. The action kicks off Saturday with the Seahawks on the road against the high-flying Falcons. The night game has one of the largest playoff spreads ever as the Patriots are expected to roll over the Texans. The two Sunday games should be terrific as the Chiefs host the Steelers and the red-hot Packers visit the Dallas Cowboys.


Our staff of Bobby Babowski, Jay Cooper, and Reggie Garrett give you all picks in every game including our top selection in yellow. We will have all our picks submitted by Friday afternoon, so check back often as we update the board throughout the week. You can always view our weekly records at our Staff Selections Home Page.

Our top play is in yellow.

Divisional Playoffs Bob Babowski
Playoffs: 1-3-0
Top: 0-1-0
Jay Cooper
Playoffs: 2-2-0
Top: 1-0-0
Reggie Garrett
Playoffs: 4-0-0
Top: 1-0-0
Seattle @ Atlanta Seahawks +5 Falcons -5 Falcons -5
Houston @ New England  Texans +15.5  Texans +15.5  Patriots -15.5
Pittsburgh @ Kansas City  Steelers +1.5  Steelers +1.5 Steelers +1.5
Green Bay @ Dallas  Packers +4.5  Packers +4.5 Packers +4.5