The Highest NFL Salaries For 2020

Forbes has recently released the NFL stars highest salary earnings of the young stars. Of course, many a times, many of the negotiations and salary takings can still be ongoing, especially if there is a series of deals and conditions placed within the contract. If a player has been playing for quite a while and has some experience under the spotlight and under his belt, he usually not only rakes in some great cash from playing, he will have many brand endorsements behind him, that will top the salary total massively. From the 10 highest players within the Forbes list today, we can tell you that the combined salary total was something as crazy as $384 million, which has risen by 3% up from last year’s annual takings. You would think amidst the pandemic and everything else, salaries may take a hit, which has obviously been proven untrue.  

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Joey Bosa 

Playing for the defence of Los Angeles Chargers we have Joey Bosa, a player that managed to get the first $100 million deal contract within the NFL business. Earning on average $43 million in just one season, you can say this guy will definitely break more records when it comes to salary and making more money for himself. Of course, the salary does not include endorsements taken for the year as that is very much separate. However, Joey does not actively take part with as many brand deals like some other players within our list. He made just three-quarters of a million dollars in just one year alone, whereas other players like Carson Wentz managed to make $4 million dollars as a brand ambassador.

Kirk Cousins 

Kirk Cousins is promised to the Minnesota Vikings for two years, after signing a contract worth $66 million. They did also provide an extension that will provide $30 million in bonuses across the two-year period. Kirk Cousin actually only joined the team for 6-months, however team bosses wanted to extend his stay, after being very impressed with his quarterback strategy and gameplay. Extensions never usually happen within the NFL, once the contract is done, it is done. However, he managed to do more for himself and impress. Kirk’s endorsement deals are something to talk about too. It is reported that he has earned $3 million in brand endorsements too, which is pretty cool if you ask us! Forbes did mention how the footballer managed to secure an additional 14 million dollars to his contract too.

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz extended his contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, meaning he managed to extend his earnings directly through bonus incentives iterated within the contract. His salary has risen quite dramatically to $38 million dollars, outside of endorsements of course. Wentz is pretty out there when it comes to collaborating and working with brands. Currently he has deals with Nike, NRG and Amazon, which have allowed him to make $4 million for now. He is expected to make much more of this for the next year. His likable personality has allowed many brands to want to approach him and make some worthy (and money making) advertisements for his career outside of the NFL.

Dak Prescott 

Many of you probably know Prescott from the Dallas Cowboys. He is a two-time Pro Bowler that actually secured a long-term contract with $31.4 million, just for the first year! He also has become a very well-known face for the quarterback America’s Team, in addition to the Adidas and Pepsi endorsements. He has the face for branding campaigns and that is why many brands have approached him in the recent months.

Drew Brees 

Although Brees is 41, he still manages to be one of the highest paid NFL stars in the game. Earning $25 million for one season alone, you could say he has definitely pushed away the idea that age defines sport privilege, right? He also managed to get his hands on a handsome $23 million sign up bonus upon signing that contract. Sweet! In his entire career to date, it is said that he has managed to pocket $270 million dollars if not more through his salary and endorsements. In comparison to the other players in this list, his endorsement achievement exceeds any other with $14 million in the bank this season!

Ryan Tannehill

Ryan originally started as a backup/insurance for the Tennessee Titans for the previous season of 2019, however he really impressed with his player ratings and stats and for that reason they decided to award him with a four-year contract to play for the team. This means he is entitled to $37.5 million dollars for one season and although his endorsement accumulation is huge just yet, he is sure to extend his possibilities very soon, the more he plays and becomes the team’s favourite addition. He is pretty much already there as he managed to get the NFL player of the year award, so watch this space. We definitely see great things happening to Ryan.

Deshaun Watson 

Watson managed to get a four-year contract extension for the Houston Texans, meaning in total he would have played for ten years, for the entire contracted time played. After 2025, Watson will be free to look elsewhere, that’s if he is not nabbed up again by the same team. He will also only be 30 by then, so still plenty of NFL to continue with, at a peak age. It has been said he has some TV endorsements to get stuck into, from 2023. The estimated yearly salary will extremely increase if so! All endorsements aside, the yearly salary that Watson receives is $29.4 million, not including sign up bonuses etc.