The Dawning Era of VR Casino Games

The online casino industry has undergone massive changes in recent decades. From simple video slots to live dealer games streamed in real-time, technology has expanded what’s possible for internet gambling. Now, a new frontier is on the horizon—virtual reality casino games.

As VR technology improves and becomes more accessible, it’s starting to reshape the world of online slots and table games. Putting on a headset transports you right onto the casino floor for a fully immersive experience unlike anything previously available at internet gaming sites.

In this article, we’ll explore the prospects of virtual reality implementation at online casinos like Lucky7even, spotlight some top VR slot titles you can play right now, and glimpse into the future of internet gambling in the VR metaverse. Let’s dive in!

VR Gaming in Online Casinos

VR technology has advanced rapidly, making its way into video games and even online casinos. This cutting-edge tech offers players an extra level of immersion by putting them right into a virtual world.

While VR gambling is still in its early stages, it’s expected to grow exponentially as the hardware and software continue improving.

The Current State of VR Casino Gaming

Virtual reality is taking the online casino world by storm right now. Here’s a snapshot of where we’re at with VR gambling games:

  • An estimated 42% increase in VR casino game revenue from 2020 to 2021.
  • Over 100 VR casino games are currently in development.
  • 13 online casinos currently offer VR games in their lobbies.
  • Top VR gaming developers like Microgaming and NetEnt releasing new VR slot titles.

As you can see, VR casino gaming is gaining momentum quickly. Players are flocking to strap on a headset and dive into immersive new virtual worlds.

Software developers are racing to release the hottest new VR slot and table games. And online casinos aim to attract customers by offering the latest VR titles in their lobbies.

It’s the dawn of a new dimension of internet gambling. But things are just heating up…

The VR Casino Metaverse

Industry experts predict VR casinos will hit $12 billion in revenue by 2030. Looking even further ahead, the future of VR gambling could be spending your time in a sprawling virtual reality metaverse.

Imagine exploring a massive, interconnected virtual world filled with exotic resorts, shopping complexes, nightclubs, and of course, major casinos. You could visit them all without ever leaving your home.

This VR casino metaverse may allow you to:

  • Socialize and chat with other players as their true virtual selves (avatars).
  • Gamble on VR slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and more.
  • Move seamlessly from one casino to another, each with its themes and perks.
  • Customize your avatar’s appearance with crazy outfits or accessories.
  • Experience events like VR concerts or parties.

It all may sound a bit of sci-fi. But with billions invested into the metaverse already, this vision could become reality sooner than you think.

Major Players Pioneering VR Casino Games

Now, let’s spotlight some top software developers releasing the first wave of virtual reality casino games and slots:


Founded in 1994, Microgaming is an industry pioneer known for launching the first online casino. In 2016, they applied their forward-thinking approach to develop VR slots.

Their catalog of cinematic virtual reality games continues growing. Top VR slot titles include:

  • Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx – Join the adventure searching for hidden riches. Offers up to 16,000x your bet!
  • Astro Legends: Lyra and Erion – Battle to save the galaxy cluster with vivid VR effects.
  • Drill & Blast – Grab your goggles and drill for gold in this steampunk mining world.


Renowned for their creative slots and table games, NetEnt entered the VR gaming scene in 2017. Their VR titles utilize cutting-edge graphics and 3D audio for visceral gameplay.

Some NetEnt VR casino games to check out:

  • Gonzo’s Quest VR – An amped-up VR remake of their all-time popular slot.
  • Jack’s World – Battle giant beanstalks and sinister plants in this vivid fantasy realm.
  • Bolt X UP – Harness lightning energy to zap foes in an electrifying VR experience.


This newer startup focuses exclusively on developing blockchain-based VR casino games. Their catalog brings slot classics into the virtual worlds of the future.

Must-try Ganapati VR slot titles:

  • Space Junction – Shoot alien invaders inside an interstellar wormhole tunnel.
  • Magical Forest – Scatter magic seeds to grow towering beanstalks and win big.
  • Samurai Beauty – Draw your katana blade for battle with a fierce samurai warrior princess.

As you can see, these innovative developers are taking VR casino gaming to the next level. Their growing catalogs mean more immersive titles for players to enjoy.