Super Bowl Bets: Wagering on Fun Prop Bets

If you like a good wager, the chances are that you’ve made, or have been a part of prop bets. For instance, if you’ve ever said to anyone, “I bet you can’t finish that soda in 3 minutes”, you’ve made a prop bet. If you’ve told one of your drinking mates, “I bet you won’t finish your beer before I do mine”, you’ve made a proposition bet.

Some of the most common wagers in many sports are “who will score the first point?” Usually, the result of most bets will not determine the outcome of the game or event. For instance, in the question asked above, the bet asked doesn’t resolve the winner of the game. Scoring the first point doesn’t necessarily make you the winner of the game

Proposition wagers, an exciting and entertaining form of sports betting, are quite profitable. They are known as propositions that one can or cannot do something that has is wagered. These kinds of wagers form an integral part of a long term sports betting win. If you’re interested in making money from this kind of wagers, have a look at this Super Bowl prop bet guide.

It is an excellent resource for entry-level players who have no idea how to start this kind of wagering. With a variety of props such as National Anthem Props, Coin Toss Props, Super Bowl MVP Props, Crazy & Weird Props, and Printable Props Sheet.

Types of Prop Bets

To understand this form of wagering, let’s see how they exist in different ways. These wagers exist as:

  • Fun Prop Bets

Fun prop bets are usually fun to take a chance on. The only skill required to take part in such wagers is no skill at all.

An example of this would be wagering whether Beyonce would sing her song, “Who rule the world?”At the Super Bowl.

  • Skilled Prop Bets

In this kind of wagering category, you have to have some knowledge or capability to predict the outcome of the event. For instance, if you were to make a wager on whether a particular player would score a touchdown, you’d have to know who he will be matched up against and also how he plays generally.

Let’s have a look at some Fun Prop Bets from the Super Bowl National Anthem Prop Bets that are in the above guide. This prop has some entertaining bets that anyone would love to take a chance on and here is a list of the props.

  • The duration of time it would take the singer to sing the US National Anthem
  • The kind of outfit that the singer would wear to sing the US National Anthem
  • Would the singer forget some of the words of the US National Anthem?
  • Would any player take a knee during the performance of the National Anthem?

All the propositions listed above are all great examples of fun proposition bets. You will notice that none of them requires any skill to take out a wager on and they are all fun props. With so many options available, sometimes you’ll need an explanation of how Super Bowl prop bets work.

For instance, look at the first wager, “what duration would it take the singer to sing the US National Anthem?”

This is one of the most popular Super Bowl props of all times. This wager permits you to punt over or under the time of the National Anthem.

Up to date, the average time for singing the National Anthem is 1 min 58 secs. Most of the lengths for the National Anthem have been more than 2 minutes.

If you’re going to place a bet on say, how the singer will dress during the singing of the National Anthem, all you will need to do is have some basic research skills. Try and use Google. Find out what the singer prefers to wear during live broadcasts of National events.

If there are no examples of National events on the internet, use the same resource to find out the kind of outfits that she prefers.

You can then make a bet after using the knowledge you’ve collected. Even though fun prop bets are mostly for fun and entertainment, you can earn some cash if you try to leverage some apparent facts.

Look at the third prop, for instance, “would the singer forget some word of the National Anthem?” This is a fun Super Bowl prop bet. However, if you think about it more deeply, you will think of how to win the bet. For instance, what are the chances that a professional singer would forget lines of a song they’ve been singing for years?